Midgaard (Jedi Guild)




Hi there! Let me train you and tell my story, newbie jedi. A long time ago, in a college far, far away, the great warrior and bard Cyrix, the killer of Shire toddlers, introduced me to JediMud. I was born a cleric. I was good after many, many remorts with the help of the clan [ROCKS] and with years aged. I crash died in the greatest crash death quest tragedy in history. I was punished by the Easter Bunny for stealing his eggs and left the realms. I returned though after about 30 mud years. The realms had changed though, there was now a great DOOM pyramid. I then remorted to a Paladin knight for many lifetimes dispelling evil. Then came the great class revision and stat bonus. While I enjoyed this, I learned the great power of mana and intelligence, became a mage, and perfected magic spells. Now I combine all my skills as a cleric, knight, and magician to become a Jedi Master. It is JediMud after all. You wonder why I hold a Jack O'Lantern, wear a penguin costume, gloves made of bones, an aura of arrogance, ALL that level equipment, a tattered grey shirt that says Buffalo Bills, and Air's Nikes. My lightsaber is out of power and not constructed at the moment so I live here building it protected by a guildguard, a robot, and an invisible quest master immortal who is the robot's hero. I also have large ears, sad deep eyes, a strange voice in my opinion, and am now very old. I think I am shrinking in height and losing hair. I wear a hooded robe common of jedis. Let's practice together because I need help with teaching you the evil, Darkside spells and skills. I do not know them well because I am good; maybe practice them at Bravoman. Explore these great realms, but beware there are many dangers out there. I have died and failed many times.