Pyramid of doom

A programmer's nightmare: the syntactically indented "pyramid of doom."

Zone WritersEdit

Cognitasne and Valaria (c. 1997)

Extension: Anton (c. 2011)


Named after a programmer's pyramid of doom.

In computer programming, the "pyramid of doom" is a common problem that arises when a program uses many levels of nested indentation to control access to a function. It is commonly seen when checking for null pointers or handling callbacks. Two examples of the term are used to a particular programming style in  JavaScript and the nesting of conditional_if statements that occur in object-oriented programming.

Algodon's Pyramid of Doom is a special perpetual quest zone for mortals levels 21-30.  Players levels 1-20 are restricted from entering, for their own protection, and players level 31+ are restricted from entering in order to protect the integrity of the quest.  Many items of unrivaled power load in DOOM, but only the bravest (or most foolhardy!) dare to accept the challenge.  Are you among them?

General Zone StrategyEdit

The featureless hallways are !magic.  The hooded mages block east.  The lizardmen triple hit and swarm.  They janitor, meaning that they will pick up items on the ground.  It's a nightmare.

The hooded mages also throb, meaning a full entropy (removes all buffs).

Mobs of NoteEdit

Algodon (Spiked Plate Mail, Golden Torques, Double Standard, Tam's Kender Traveling Cloak), Algodon's Apprentice, Bob ( Gloves of Mysticism), Algodon's Guard (Gilded Golden Stilts, Golden Plate Mail Leggings), Stout Cleric (Armlets of Asclepius, Golden Bewitching Amulet), evil war goat (Golden Paragon of Alamists),  Beleagued Knights (Steel Ring Mail, Boots of Power, Sword of Damocles, Titanium Shield, Gold Plates), Lord Despoiler (Armor of Assassination, Ring of Causes), Thieves (Executioner's Mask, Thin Wire Ring), Rogue Minotaurs (Gold Plates), Swamp Nymphs, Scarlet Deathblossoms, Grey Ooze (eats corpses).