The busy downtown bustle of Andrus' Toy Land.

Area Designer:[edit | edit source]

Original Concept and  Design: Anton
Implementation and Support: Hurin, Kentucky, LordWilliam, Despair
From the designers:
We did a huge exploration into using some cool and fun writing techniques that have not been used in previous JediMUD zone writing.  We hope the players really respond to it and we can use these designs moving forward.
We hope you all like it, and if there are any questions or comments, please feel free to shoot us a message.

Location:[edit | edit source]

From New Thalos Central Square: 4s*2w*2s*3n*u*w  (enter toybox)

Reset Time:[edit | edit source]

Variable (occupied)

Description:[edit | edit source]

As you might recall from personal childhood experience, toys can come and go, some get lost, some get thrown away.

Mobs of Note:[edit | edit source]

Ken Doll (shopping list), Barbie Doll, Russian Nesting Dolls (small gem), Optimus Prime (), Toykenstein (armlet parts),  lego citizens, toy army men/women (grenade belt, small rusty key), toy soldiers (tall blue hat), Rex, Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head (plastic mustache), Stretch Armstrong, She-Ra (She-Ra's Tiara ), Large Play-Doh Monster (Play-Doh Shield ), Prince Adam, Orko (Magician's Hat), The Baker, Notna, Darth Maul, Chucky

General Zone Strategy:[edit | edit source]

Area-wide, the green plastic toy army men step! (remove debuffs) and will assist.   The lego citizens janitor, so check them for stuff.  The army men and women wander.  The Army Captain holds a clue to the Play-Doh Shield assembly quest.
Any mob can drop the rusty key on death, the key to the Vault in the Bank, southwest of the West Gate. The toy soldiers, stationed there, block.

Toykenstein[edit | edit source]

Toykenstein is a wandering aggro mob that steps. He can be dropped a couple of ways, both involve combinations of charmies and pets. The easiest way to defeat Toykenstein is with a stick of charmed ant drones from Anthill. Send in the drones first before spamming with Ranger AC2s. Alternatively, if you've got a couple of R30 with +mana/mnR team-up on the giant Toy for best results.
Toykenstein will wander from battle if not constantly engaged. Beware! Many a sleeping Ranger has met their fate at the hands of the shifty Toyk.

Andy's Toy Collection[edit | edit source]

Woody, Buzz, Rex and Mr. Potato Head will step! (remove debuffs). They will assist one another.  Mr. Potato Head will spawn rescuing Toy soldiers that block the exit.  The mobs will not cast area spells, so your healer can stay in without threat of melee entanglement.   
Mr. Potato Head will summon a number of toy soldiers to support him with successive rescues.   They are hidden and will block the exit.  If you blind Potato at the beginning of melee, he will not assist and bring in his troops.  After you clear the room of all mobs but Potato, defeat him.

Airport[edit | edit source]

The Control Tower entrance is blocked by a guard who blocks himself from being scared out of the room.  Notnas (Anton backwards) is a mob that restores itself every round, is !phys, and pzars, points, throbs, etc.

The Bakery[edit | edit source]

The bakery is an !violence room.  Use your confusing bard (Ba >= level 16) to move the baker outside his !vio room to obtain the Easy Bake Oven. He doesn't have any spec.procs or defender.procs so blind and go. The baker will DoD (drop 'on death) an Easy Bake oven. To activate your new oven, obtain either the energizer or new energizer battery (the oven will perform longer) from the Bardic Colleges and:
> insert battery oven
As you place the energizer battery in the oven the lightbulb turns on.
It is a small cheaply made plastic oven. The door opens
and closes. It has a knob that spins clockwise and counter
clockwise. And a lightbulb inside the oven that turns on
when you spin the knob. You wonder if you could Bake
something edible in this oven. Maybe a cookie or a cake
or even a Biscuit. It is unlikely that this cheaply 
made oven will last forever.

To create bakery items:

> bake biscuit

 Barbie and Ken's House[edit | edit source]

Ken and Barbie assist, so blind one of them before you begin. Ken holds a clue to the Play-Doh shield assembly quest.

Chessboard[edit | edit source]

The chessboard is accessed via the west gate.  The soldiers block west, so get your bard to scare them elsewhere for the uptime.  On the lego chessboard, all the mobs will toss.
  • Red Ninja
  • Green Ninja (aggro!)
  • Blue Ninja
  • White Ninja
  • Master Wu
  • The Chrysler Building
  • The Elizabeth Tower
  • Crooler
  • Catwoman
  • Lord Garmadon
  • maintenance worker
  • green alien
  • Prince Laval (mini-figure with the lion's head)
  • Windra
  • Shanghai Tower
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Wonder Woman
  • Cragger (Crager)

Dark Caves[edit | edit source]

The toy bats 4x ANNIH and swarm so sleep them as you move toward the Play-Doh Monster and Chucky. 
The Play-Doh monster is in a !summon room. The Play-Doh Monster is aggro!, fidos, but can't see invis.  He can be fully debuffed. When the Monster is defeated, it turns into many smaller Play-Doh copies of itself.  Let these mini-monsters reform into a new mob, the Large Play-Doh Monster. The Large Monster drops the shield component on death.
You'll find Chucky deeper in the large cavern system on the south trail fork.

He-Man (Prince Adam) and She-Ra's House[edit | edit source]

She-Ra spawns as a follower of Prince Adam and will wander five ticks after Prince Adam is defeated.
She-Ra will heal Prince Adam or Orko the Magician if they are attacked first.  She-Ra will heal herself if attacked. She-Ra will also heal Prince Adam if any other mob (lego citizens or toy army soldiers) are attacked. 
Attacks on Prince Adam spawn the Magician Orko as a follower who will rescue Prince Adam infinitely. 
Attack She-Ra first.
This room is an !summon room.

Forest[edit | edit source]

The mosquitos will swarm so mass sleep them before venturing in.  Watch for the hidden panthers.

More Than Meets the Eye[edit | edit source]

Optimus Prime steps, 4X ANNIH, purges, areas and is resist magic. Use your B/C combo and pet/sum the Giant Robot Thing down.

Russian Doll House[edit | edit source]

The very large Russian Doll will drop a number of inner dolls, the large Russian Doll, the medium Russian Doll, the small Russian Doll, the very small Russian Doll and finally the extremely small Russian Doll. Glow and go.

Stretch Armstrong's House[edit | edit source]

Glow and go.

The Toy Plains[edit | edit source]

Roamed by a selection of toy animals, (toy deer, toy lion, toy lioness, toy tiger, toy zebra), glow and go.

The Toy Shop[edit | edit source]

Hours: 7am - 7pm.  At closing time, manually follow the toy shopkeeper up the stairs into the back room where he will provide a list of his shop items (lacquers).   (Following the toy shopkeeper doesn't work.)  Both rooms are !violence. Timing is everything here.

The Vault:[edit | edit source]

The rusty key, dropped on death from any mob in Andrus' Toy Land, will open the Vault.  The Vault is occupied by Hamm, who loads a random large amounts of gold and a lunchbox containing the magnifying glass necessary to make the Play-Doh Shield.

Equipment:[edit | edit source]

Tall Blue Hat head toy soldier mL 15 !rests 4 ac -2 con 20 mov
antipaladin's sapphire encrusted play-dough shield shield contructible mL 25 a! 1 dam 1 dex
green plastic grenade belt waist green plastic toy soldier mL 12 !twn 1 ac 6 hp 6 mana
huge plastic mustache face Mr. Potato Head mL 15 !mcpajsb 3 hit 1 dex
armlets, plastic toy assembly mL 0 !rests 1 int 15 mana
green and white wristguard wrist green plastic toy soldier mL 0 !rests 1 int 2 con
sapphire encrusted play-dough shield assembly mL 0 !rests 2 dam 1 dex
Woody's Red Bandana neck Woody mL 0 !mcpanrb 1 dex 2 con
orko's hat head Orko the Magician mL 0 !mctwrb 1 int 1 wis
blackened face plate crown assembly She-Ra mL 0 !mtwnjsrb !n !g 1 wis
she-ra's tiara head contructible mL 0 !rests 1 wis
small gem treasure extremely small nesting doll mL 0 !rests 1 wis
blonde wig head Barbie mL 0 !mjsrb -2 int 2 cha
golden face plate crown assembly She-Ra mL 0 !class
magnifying glass hold lunch box mL 0 !class
shield, plastic play-doh container Large Play-Doh Monster mL 0 !rests
small plastic lunch box container Hamm mL 0 !rests
pair of light blue shorts leg Ken mL 0 !rests -1 str -1 con

Maps:[edit | edit source]

Google Drawing 2020, in progress

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