We generally uphold the decisions of our immortals. However, we do realize that sometimes a decision is made that you may feel is unfair. If calmly discussing the situation with the immortal does not yield the results you think you deserve, you have the right to discuss the situation with an immortal of the next higher level and/or have the case reviewed by the demi+ collectively.  Please note, however, that generally the matter will be discussed thoroughly with the 'arresting officer' and debated at length before we will give you a decision as, again, we generally support the decisions of our immortals. 
They were chosen because they have demonstrated that they make decisions responsibly, and we ask you to respect that.  Please do not harass immortals about their decisions just for the sake of harassing them. If you know you've broken the rules, there is no reason to make a huge issue of it.
If you do choose to appeal, expect the process to take a minimum of 24 hours before a decision will be reached.  In the meantime, the original punishment will stand.