Area Designer:

Mahatma (of HexOnyx)Edit


s3w2uneus2eswsd2eunsese2wus (Ki-Rin chamber from Colossal Tree, Forest of Haon-Dor)Edit


Legend holds that Arachnos, the Kingdom of the Great Queen Spider, lies due west, then roughly south and west of the west gate of Midgaard. Adventurers of all levels have found both profit and death in their explorations of this area. A wise traveler would bring friends and supplies appropriate for a long trip if they plan to journey to this ethereal kingdom. Rumors also report an entrance to the bowels of Hell located somewhere in the depths of this area. The Nobility of JediMUD formally requests the dispatch of a group of very capable and stalwart subjects to investigate this possibility.

Mobs of Note:Edit

Empress of Arachnos - (mage bracers, wizard hat, pontiff's headdress, sharp thieve's knife), Queen Spider - (blue potion), Yevaud - (knight's visor, purple cloak, strands of chaos)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

The dragons, Ki-Rin (good) and Yevaud (evil), pzar and entropy, so beware!