JediMUD Area BuildersEdit

Without a creative team of area builders, a text-mud withers and dies. The builders and implementors listed on this page are a collective testament to the quality and dedication over nearly twenty years of JediMUD's existence. The current playerbase thanks the following writers for the never-ending source of entertainment that is the world of JediMUD!

Conner, Onivel, Reni, Thibor, Kedar, Doctor, Lok, Ragnarok, Osmium, Redferne, Duke, Eagle, Raven, Copper II, VampLestat, Chris Boggs, Rorschach, Pjotr, Sapowox, Exxon, Alexander, Gyles, Khyron, Darkwing, Bingo, Triana, Aramina, Prospero, C.A.W., Epic, Diku, SillyMud, Heimdal, Dranor, Scarabus, Nymphia, Manx, Skylar, Andersen, Quifael, Depeche, Naved, Maynard, Doc, Moonbeam, Kaeli, Kinski, Infoteq, Dranor, Trillian, Lifetaker, Milady, Mahatma, Raid, Jenn, Pythe, Cthulhu, Cogitasne, Steppin, Noghri, Mandragora, Kailyn, Charis, Myst, Valaria, Shoes, Gordo, Gorgon, Tam, Protoclown, Gonfalon, Anton, Labrat, and Arizhel.