Arctic Empire: Eskimo VillageEdit

Eskimo village

The Eskimo Village in JediMUD.

A  low-mid level maze zone with a fair number of rooms, low-level aggro wandering mobs and a smattering of low-mid level equipment.  

This zone contains several thematically linked areas:  The Eskimo Village, the Giant Kingdom, the Wizard's Fortress, the Barbarian Village.

You may want to bring a tracker.  Equipment of note: the small ring (+wis/+int), and blue plate armor (+dam-con). 

There is a DT in this zone. From the help files:

"Arctic Empire and Eskimo Village" "Arctic Empire" "Eskimo Village"

By Chris Boggs

South of the great city Skara Brae and into the mountains, one comes 
upon the frozen tundra known simply as the Arctic Empire.  In the taiga 
lands before the full tundra plain, a group of Eskimos have established 
a tenuous lifestyle.  Surviving by trapping and hunting, they trade 
their goods with the inhabitants of Skara Brae and defend themselves 
from the giants and barbarian raiders that wander the trackless wastes.  
Legends tell of a mighty giant king deep in a cave, and a powerful mage 
in a mountain fortress...

This zone is located east of Midgaard (through Moria) and west of Skara Brae. 


Dank's hand-drawn "Artic" Empire map from the early 90s. Note the scribbles from his daughter, Sophia.