Anstruth, Dean of the Bardic Colleges

Zone Writer:[edit | edit source]

Master's Level - Tam , 2010

Reset Time:[edit | edit source]

45 minutes (empty)

Description:[edit | edit source]

A bard-only zone that has remained one of Jedi's most challenging, the colleges were written specifically to train bards in the use of their skills. Bards seeking information about the zone would be advised to read the room description of their guild. 

Poster in the transport foyer:
Folchlucan.- Kazoo....- Levels 1-4
Doss.......- Recorder.- Levels 5-10
Canaith....- Flute....- Levels 11-14
Cli........- Lyre.....- Levels 15-19
Anstruth...- Harp.....- Levels 20-24
Ollamh.....- Guitar...- Levels 25-30
To get to each of the levels type
'transport <college>' for example to
get to Doss, you would type:
'transport doss'. If someone is
already in the area, you will not
be able to get in until they are
done. To return to your hometown,
go down.

Mobs of Note:[edit | edit source]

Sunniva (Crown of Stars), Zephyr (Master's Cloak), Vendethiel (midnight blue leggings, torn journal pages), Terrell (intricate silver bracers, battered book)

General Zone Strategy:[edit | edit source]

Depending upon his or her level, a Bard is expected to enter the proper college for training until achieving the next 5-level tier set.  The foyer, or atrium, to the college features directions for using the colleges.  
Entrance to the Bardic Colleges
   As the shimmering light recedes from your vision, you find
yourself in a circular room with a transporter in the northern portion of
the room.  A faint odor of rot and decay wafts in from the north-east.
To the south-west you see a sign over the door, 'Bardic College Supply
Shop'.  Over the door to the north-west you see, 'Prep Room'. 
There is an informative poster here on one wall, you may wish to read it.
On another wall here is a memorial plaque.  May you enjoy your
visit here to the Bardic Colleges and may you be up to the challenges
ahead of you.  There are also a pair of stairs leading down to your hometown.
Obvious exits: D, NE, SW, NW

The Vending Machine[edit | edit source]

There is a handy vending machine that delivers a cleric-only Bardic Tee-Shirt designed to help B/C duos in the Colleges.  Because each College can be entered and exited via the foyer, the assisting cleric camps in the foyer to provide restores, heals and buffs for the bardic applicant as he or she runs the various gauntlets. The Tee-Shirt provides a hefty mana regen boost, but debilitating movement penalties.

The Colleges:[edit | edit source]

To gain access to each College, stand in the foyer, and type:
> transport [college name]

Folchlucan (1-4):[edit | edit source]

The first college will train your newly remorted bard through level 5.  The college is laid out in a simple series of looping hallways, with library, cafeteria and locker area subzones. Bardic Rings (+1 dam) load on the teachers scattered around this level in classrooms. Try to load them before you level out of this college.
The first floor offers four classrooms, a DT in the Bathroom (avoid that), and the Library Maze. Ply the teachers for your instrument and +1 Bardic Rings. When satisfied, pass the Gateway to the Pits of Hell (no, it's not a DT) and ascend to the second floor.
The second floor is a simple rectangle, offering access to the Principal's Office, and a series of keys (globe key, locker key and cafeteria key) stored within the globe, a filing cabinet, and the Principal's desk, respectively. You'll need these keys to continue your early college progress. To insure that the key's respawn on zone reset, junk the globe, filing cabinet, and desk before you leave.
Just to the right, leaving the Office, is a locked door (locker key) that leads south to the rest of the zone. Continue south, then north to avoid the Hall Monitors and enter the locker area. Use > exits to assist you in choosing the right path.
Navigate the locker maze (directions below), and emerge through the south door into the college hallways. Ignore the paths to the Hall of Failure (where your corpse is transported should you be defeated while inside the Bardic Colleges) and back into the Locker Maze. Proceed into the Cafeteria.
Navigate the cafeteria maze (directions below), and emerge south into the final hallway leading to the Track Maze. Solve the Track Maze by crossing the finish line, (directions below), the figurative end of your first college journey.
Emerge into a final looping hallway leading to Your Class!. Your initial instrument, the Bardic Kazoo (mL 0), is on the ground in the room entitled, Your Class! It appears like a mob, "Your instructor stands here, looking awfully mad!" but is your Bardic Kazoo! Congratulations.

  • Library: 2wnw <w;w;n;w> (Ent)
  • Library Exit: 3ne <n;n;n;e> (Library Ent)
  • Cafeteria Exit (Ent): <s;e;n;e;s;e;n;e>
  • Lockers Exit (Ent): <e;e;e;n;e;e;s>
  • Track Exit (Ent): <w;n;n>

Doss (5-10):[edit | edit source]

Pick up the gliittering circlet and your next instrument, the Bardic Recorder (mL 5) on one of your many trips through Doss by defeating the animated recorder.  Great  +str headwear and part of the Singing Sword.  Check the sixth bad note for an ice cream treat containing the mystical black diamond ring. (Currently, the diamond ring load is broken.)
Doss is a simple series of hallways with doors to rooms featuring a set of identical keys. Pick up keys along the way (bow resin, metronome, note, pewter mug, sheet music, tuning fork) to access different doors in the Doors Doors Doors room.


Key Key


SE guitar pick Practice Room
E tuning fork Kitchen
W metronome Office
S coiled cello


Supply Closet
U reed Woods Room
D bow resin Strings Room
NW musical note Decorated Hallway
SW pitch pipe Choir Room
NE sheet music Janitor's Closet
N pewter mug Dining Room
Exit via the west door (metronome key) into the upper hallway. This hallway leads to the Hover Board (on ground, ne corner), and eventually, as you move clockwise around the hallway maze, to a trapdoor in the ceiling at the end of the corridor. (The other doors lead to various points along the hallway occupied by a random amount of aggressive vampire bats.)
Once you arrive at Sheet Maze Level, navigate with the path below to the Animated Recorder, (circlet +str) and your new instrument, the Bardic Recorder.

Music Sheet: Animated Recorder (Ent): e;e;e;s;u  

A Hover Board (airship) loads on the ground on the <Doors Doors Doors> level once per each zone reset. To collect them, use this path:

Hallway (Doss Ent): <s;e;e;e;get metronome;w;s;w;u;unlock w; open door w; w;w;e;s;w;w;n;n;e;e;e>

Canaith (11-14):[edit | edit source]

Collect your new musical instrument, the Bardic Flute (mL 10) from Ilwar.  The Bard's (better) variant of the cracked black urn, the portable hole, loads on Big Daddy.  Ilwar's guard loads the crimson cloak. The wisp crystal, another part of the Singing Sword loads on Will O' the Wisp. If you'd like to map your own path in Canaith, use the > exits command to stay on the Forest Path and avoid the Wisp Maze. You'll notice that the path is uni-directional, leading you ever closer to the Big Daddy and the Well Maze. The Wisps glow, so use your newly-practiced illusion song to help you along.
 You'll find all of these items along the path below:
Once you defeat Big Daddy, get his well token and enter the Well Maze.
Edge of the Well (Well Ent): d;w;u;n;d;n;e;e;s;w;n;n;u;w;d;s;e
You'll reach the Edge of the Well, where you'll find some loose stones:
> open stone ;e;e;n;e
Continue along the underground tunnel to Ilwar's Bodyguard (Crimson Cloak, disk key). Defeat the bodyguard and purchase your next instrument, the Bardic Flute, from Ilwar's Shop. Your new influence song will cut the price dramatically.

Cli (15-19):[edit | edit source]

Cli is a gauntlet challenge pitting the bard against several aggro! glowing opponents.   Make good use of your Cleric partner and be glowing and buffed with aid, bless, stone and armor.  Have your partner hold the zone from reset by sitting in the College Transport Lobby to perform summons/ heals while you work your way through the gauntlet.
Use mirrors and illusion to fight your way to the final Trophy Room. Each Weapon Master holds a key to the next Weapon Master.
After you defeat the series of Weapon Masters, collect your new musical instrument, the Bardic Lyre (mL 15), from INSIDE the trophy on the ground in the Trophy Room.  The Trophy Key opens the Trophy. Find the Lyre inside.
The weapons are arranged in this order (all north from entrance):
  1. Schmuck (pocket protector)
  2. Master of the dagger  (worn dagger)
  3. Master of the staff (worn staff)
  4. Master of the short sword (worn short sword)
  5. Master of the long sword (lworn long sword) 
  6. Master of the mace (worn mace)
  7. Master of the bastard sword (worn bastard sword)
  8. Master of the two-handed sword (worn two-handed sword)
  9. Master of martial arts (adamantite gauntlets, essence of music)
  10. Trophy room - trophy (inside trophy: Bardic Lyre)

Anstruth (20-24):[edit | edit source]

Beware! There is a DT down from the entrance of this level.  You'll have to work for it, however, (as I did), by opening the trap door down, and then proceeding through.
Have your Cleric partner sit in the transport lobby to hold the zone from reset and  summon/ buff you (armor, stone, aid, bless, glow) before you assail each of the Masters.  Make sure you buff yourself with blur and inspire.  Be mirrored in order to sing a slow debuff at the Master before melee begins. 
Use your Illusion to gain maximum damage per round as you progress through the Masters.  Collect the Master keys as you go to gain access to the Dean of Anstruth College.
  • Master of Woodwinds: n;n;n;n;e;u;s;s;w;n (Glowing Opal)
  • Master of Brass: e;e;e;u;s;w;w;n;e (Bardic Armlets, Bardic Greaves)
  • Master of Strings: w;w;w;n;n;e;e;u;w  (Bardic Signet Rings, Mithril Pendant)
  • Master of Percussion: s;s;s;w;w;u;n;e;s  (Nike Airs, Puff-hide Girth)
  • Dean of Anstruth: u (Musical Force-Field, Essence of Music, Bardic Harp)
Collect your next instrument, the Bardic Harp (mL 20) from the Dean.

Ollamh (25-30):[edit | edit source]

This is the final college, presided over by Marco del Vespucci, the President of the Bardic Colleges.  It consists of a single office.  Marco will give you your final instrument, the Bardic Guitar (mL 25).
Dean: (Bardic Guitar, Harper's Pin, Bardic Bracers, Diploma) 
n (exit)
e (Masters level)

Masters (30):[edit | edit source]

This is a new level (added in 2011) that provides a few new bardic items to the game.  You're advised to enter this level with a bardic group.  You can solo the Masters with a relatively powerful damage Bard, bardic debuffs, a pre-melee resonate, and an illusion to start.
You'll need to defeat Marco for the key to the door east, then enter the shimmering pillar of light:
> enter pillar
The level is laid out in a cross, with the following bardic masters occupying their respective rooms:
N - Zephyr, Glacier (Master's Cloak)
E - Vendethiel, Clearing (Midnight Blue Leggings, Torn Page)
W - Terrell, Edge of Eternity (Intricate Silver Bracer, Battered Book)
S - Sunniva, Crystal Sanctuary (Crown of Stars)
U - Shrine of the Unworthy (where your corpse should end up if you are defeated on this level -- but it doesn't end up here. Instead, find your corpse in the usual Bardic College morgue: on the first floor, NE off the lobby.)
All the Masters have memory, but are not aggro!. Terrell is a straigtht-forward boss and will require several summons/heals from your attendant cleric.  Vendetheil will quick heal but can be dropped with high CHA petrifies.
The masters parts of the Bardic assembly instrument, Forgotten Glories of Ages Past.  You can find clues to the assembly item either on the torn journal page (Vendethiel) or a battered book (Terrell). 
Once in the ancient past, the greatest of bards had the amazing gift of 
being able to create any form of music they wished without the need for 
instruments. Over time the art was forgotten and their power dwindled, 
but now it has once more come forth from distant lands. 

An aura of shifting light encompasses your hands and flows across your 
entire body, filling you with a flood of memories and songs from bards 
across time. Your voice subtly shifts, becoming more melodious and 
fluid, until even nature itself is held spellbound by your every gesture.
The assembly instrument is comprised of the following items:
  • Battered Book (clue)
  • Torn Journal Page (clue)
  • Bardic Kazoo
  • Bardic Recorder
  • Bardic Flute
  • Bardic Lyre
  • Bardic Harp
  • Bardic Guitar

To make the Glory of Music Instrument, issue the following assembly command:

> make instrument

If you're building an alias to automate the transport/pillar entry through your client, make sure you insert a #WAIT 3000 (3 seconds), or a commensurate delay, between transport command and the east (into the pillar room) directional command.

Equipment:[edit | edit source]







card, library hold 1 Folchlucan librarian 90.0% mL 0 !rests 2 wis
walkman, sony hold 1 Folchlucan runner 90.0% mL 0 !rests 1 con
very obvious clue other 1 Folchlucan student 90.0% mL 0 !rests 2 int
bardic kazoo instrument   1 Folchlucan on ground, final classroom mL 0 b!
bardic ring ring 1 Folchlucan any teacher 10.0% mL 0 b! 2 ac 1 hit 1 dam 
Mark IV Phaser Rifle (plastic) weapon 1 Folchlucan vending machine mL 0 !rests
bardic recorder instrument 2 Doss animated recorder mL 5 b!
glittering circlet head 2 Doss animated recorder mL 5 b! 10 ac 1 hit 1 str
ring, black diamond ring 2 Doss bad note 1.0% mL 0 !rests
hover board foot 2 Doss on ground 35.0% mL 0 !rests 2 con
mug, pewter other 2 Doss on ground mL 0 !rests
pick, guitar other 2 Doss on ground mL 0 !rests
pitch pipe other 2 Doss on ground mL 0 !rests
resin, bow other 2 Doss on ground mL 0 !rests
tuning fork other 2 Doss on ground mL 0 !rests
hole, portable container 3 Canaith Big Daddy Will-o'-the-Wisp 35.0% mL 0 !rests
wisp crystal hold 3 Canaith Big Daddy Will-o'-the-Wisp 85.0% mL 0 !rests 1 wis 1 con
bardic flute instrument 3 Canaith Ilwar mL 10 b!
crimson cloak about 3 Canaith Ilwar's bodyguard 60.0% mL 11 b! 5 ac 1 dam 10 mana
protector, pocket body 4 Cli anal retentive office worker 50.0% mL 0 !rests -3 int -3 wis
adamantite gauntlets hand 4 Cli Master of Martial Arts 50.0% mL 15 b! 4 ac 2 dam
bastard sword, worn weapon 4 Cli Master of the Bastard Sword mL 15 !mctn 2D5 6.0 avg 2 hit 1 dam
dagger, worn weapon 4 Cli Master of the Dagger mL 15 !c 1D6 3.5 avg 2 hit 1 dam
worn long sword weapon 4 Cli Master of the Long Sword mL 15 !mc 1D9 5.0 avg 2 hit 1 dam
mace, worn weapon 4 Cli Master of the Mace mL 15 !rests 3D3 6.0 avg 2 hit 1 dam
short sword, worn weapon 4 Cli Master of the Short Sword mL 15 !mc 2D4 5.0 avg 2 hit 1 dam
staff, worn weapon 4 Cli Master of the Staff mL 15 !rests 1D10 5.5 avg 2 hit 1 dam
trophy container 4 Cli on ground mL 0 !rests
bardic lyre instrument 4 Cli trophy mL 15 b!
bardic harp instrument 5 Anstruth Dean of Anstruth mL 20 b!
shield force-field, musical shield 5 Anstruth Dean of Anstruth 14.0% mL 15 b! 8 ac 1 dam 15 hp
the essence of music light 5 Anstruth Dean of Anstruth 20.0% mL 15 b! 10% hpR 10% mnR
bardic armlets arm 5 Anstruth Master of Brass 15.0% mL 15 b! 7 ac 2 str 15 mana
bardic greaves leg 5 Anstruth Master of Brass 14.0% mL 15 b! 14 ac 3 dex 15 hp
nike airs foot 5 Anstruth Master of Percussion 10.0% mL 15 b! 6 ac 1 dam 25 mov
puff-hide girth waist 5 Anstruth Master of Percussion 25.0% mL 15 b! 6 ac 2 dam -1 str
bardic signet ring ring 5 Anstruth Master of Strings 6.0% mL 20 b! 2 dam 10 hp
pendant, mithril neck 5 Anstruth Master of Strings 6.0% mL 15 b! !g 10 hp 10 mana
glowing opal light 5 Anstruth Rabies - Master of Woodwinds 4.0% mL 20 b! 2 dam 1 str
glowing opal* hold 5 Anstruth Rabies - Master of Woodwinds 10.0% mL 20 b! 2 dam 1 str
bardic bracer wrist 6 Ollamh Marco del Vespucci 10.0% mL 25 b! 3 ac 2 hit 2 dam
bardic guitar instrument 6 Ollamh Marco del Vespucci mL 25 b!
harper's pin body 6 Ollamh Marco del Vespucci 20.0% mL 25 b! 30 ac 1 hit 1 dam
Crown of Stars head 6 Ollamh Sunniva (S) mL 15 b! !e 6 ac 1 dam 15 hp
battered book assembly 6 Ollamh Terrell (W) mL 0 !rests (Forgotten Glories of Ages Past)
silver bracers, intricate wrist 6 Ollamh Terrell (W) mL 15 b! 6 ac 1 cha 10 mana
leggings, midnight blue leg 6 Ollamh Vendethiel (E) mL 15 b! 16 ac 15 mana 8% mnR
torn journal pages assembly 6 Ollamh Vendethiel (E) mL 0 !rests (Forgotten Glories of Ages Past)
Master's Cloak about 6 Ollamh Zephyr (N) mL 20 b! 14 ac 1 dam 1 str
tee-shirt, bardic body Main dispenser mL 16 c! -99 mov 5% mnR
new battery hold Various Energizer Bunny (20%) 2.0% mL 10 !rests 15hp 10% hpR
battery hold Various Energizer Bunny (30%) 6.0% mL 10 !rests 15mov 10% mvR
singing sword weapon assembly mL 20 b! 7D4 17.5 avg 3 hit 3 dam
Forgotten Glories of Ages Past instrument assembly mL 25 b! +1 cha +1 cha

Maps:[edit | edit source]

Here are a couple of hand drawn maps with annotation provided by Dank. If you look closely, you can find zone and mob information, most of which has been transcribed above.
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