Botting (short for serving as a "robot")  is defined as having a character set up to execute commands while the player is not in direct control of the character.  This includes being away from the window.  Botting is generally done in order to avoid idling/forcerent, to collect gold without requiring the player to be at the keyboard, or to have the character serve as an automated spellcaster for other players. 
Botting is accomplished by using triggers (capturing word patterns) in a client like Zmud, Cmud or Tintin. When a certain word pattern is received, the client will execute a command.  
Here is an example of a trigger:
^A large white fountain is standing in the middle of the square.


#VAR water_source fountain

#IF (@drinking = 1) {dri @water_source} {fill @water_container @water_source}


If the client receives a line from the MUD that begins with "A large white fountain...", it will execute the commands:
  1. dri water
  1. fill drug fountain
Botting is not tolerated on JediMud. The first offense will usually result in a warning. Continued offenses may incur more severe penalties, and could include the purging (loss of all equipment) or freezing of the character.