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To dirt road:  6s2e2s2e3s3wnwn2wu (from Midgaard Temple) To crossroads: 7n 


King Arthur's kingdom lies just north of the western-most reaches of the Devahn River. Explorers report that most of the subjects of Arthur are benevolent and of an easy spirit. Mid-level+ players have found that certain sinister forces have made the side roads, waters, and forests of this beautiful kingdom very dangerous to travel. A well seasoned traveler would be wise to treat a foray into this area with a bit of is difficult to know what lurks in the darkness...and the road home is a long one, paved with blood.

Mobs of NoteEdit

Black Knight - (black knight visor), Black Mage - (prismatic jewel), blue mage - (blue boots), Green Knight - (giant head shield, green club), Invisible Knight - (invisible cape, steel long sword), Jaculi - (Emerald Stone), King Evelake - (Holy Grail, Spear of David), red knight - (red belt), Sir Marhaus - (charred hilt), white knight - (white gloves), Guinevere - (Golden Cross), King Arthur - (crown of divinity, Excalibur), Merlin - (Merlin's mage bracers, Excalibur), Mordred - (golden mask, Fireblade of Mars), Morgan Le Fay - (triple-bladed dagger), mystic dragon - (mystic robes), Sir Galahad - (shield of Galahad)

General Zone StrategiesEdit

1. Mystic River

The Mystic River connects Midgaard to the Forests of Camelot, but there is a rather frightening set of rapids that will take you to SPLASH!, a faux DT, but a room that will make your heart race were you not expecting it.

2. Swamp of Sadness

The Swamp is one of the first mini-areas you will pass (right) on the dirt road after leaving the Devahn River. Delroon (a giant turtle) is the only mob of note in this zone.

3. Dark Forest

The Dark Forest can be found at the first left on the dirt road.  You will find a mob called "The Arm", which is the Lady of the Lake's hand and arm, giver of Excalibur to Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon.  In his lab, you'll find the Dryad Mage, who loads a couple of potions, the blue potion being of some use.

4. Cave of the Green Giant

Next up is the cave system of the Green Giant and Mystic Dragon (dragon's breath).  Merlin's handwriting is everywhere, as we see indications of his magic by the presence of his minions, the grumps.  The Green Knight (Sir Gawain's challenger) who is beheaded by Gawain in Arthurian legend is here, holding his head in his hands, two rooms above the Mystic Dragon (aggessive).

5. Top of the Hill

This east spur leads to Inside the Boulder which contains the Pit of Despair and a secret occult room wth robed skeleton worshippers arrayed about an altar. No equipment drop as far as I can tell.

6. In the Lake

Accessible via room "In a bubble," find your way to the realm of the water nymphs, dryads, ellewals and water faeries.  At the far west end of this sub-area is the Underworld, featuring dirt dwarves.

7. Underworld Entrance

Realm of the Dirt Dwarves, this tiny sub-area in accessible from Inside the Tree and hooks up with the Lake mini-zone at the east end.

8. Calidone Forest

The forest maze contains both the mage and combat fields, good for low-mid level experience, some SAC equipment, and the invisible cape wand.  A rare constructible part loads on Sir Marhaus.

9. Castle Carteloise

Rare loads include the Cup of the Holy Grail and the Spear of David, both are non-rent items.

10. Camelot

This is the main area of the zone.  Watch for the aggressive grumps in Merlin's Hangout, up from Merlin's Laboratory. Morgan Le Fay and her son Mordred are hidden upstairs in the Castle: be on the lookout for them. The Invisible Knight is a hidden mob prowling about Calidone Forest. The combat fields, Sir Marhaus' Tent and King Arthur's Round Table and Throne Room are !magic rooms.  The area has some funny details, including the La-Z-Boy Recliner in Merlin's Hangout.  Look around and enjoy!


fireball Calidone Forest spirit of depression light 0 0 0 1 -1
robes, mystic Camelot mystic dragon body 15 m! 18 26 1 25
dagger, triple-bladed Camelot Morgan Le Fay weapon 0 tn! !g 2D8 9 4 2 2 best enchant
cape, invisible Calidone Forest invisible knight about 0 5 0 20 invisibility spells
grail, holy Calidone Forest King Evelake canteen 0 0 0 100000 units/wt 0
apple, green Calidone Forest dryad food 0 0 0
boots, blue Calidone Forest blue mage 400 foot 0 4 10 20 -10
gloves, white Calidone Forest White Knight hand 0 -2 1 1
visor, black knight's Calidone Forest black knight head 0 !mtnb 12 3 1 2
crown, divinity Camelot King Arthur head 0 3 1 1
mask, golden Camelot Mordred head 0 3 -1 1 -1
Stone, Emerald Calidone Forest jaculi hold 10 3 15 15
cross, golden Camelot Guinevere hold 0 0 -3 -3 3 x protection from evil
jewel, prismatic Calidone Forest black mage light 13 !twnr 0 0 5% 8%
blue Calidone Forest dryad mage potion 0 0 0 2 x cure critic, cure serious
pink Calidone Forest dryad mage potion 0 0 0 poison, curse
shield, giant head Calidone Forest green knight shield 0 !mb 8 0 -6 best enchant
shield, galahad Camelot Sir Galahad shield 0 !e 7 8 -2 10
hilt, charred Calidone Forest Sir Marhaus treasure 0 0 0 Blindsight
belt, red Calidone Forest red knight waist 0 3 0 -6 -3
Spear of David Calidone Forest King Evelake wand 0 !mtn !rent 0 -5 -5 7 x clone
black Camelot Mordred wand 0 0 -3 -3 4 x cure serious
sword, Excalibur Camelot Merlin weapon 0 !mctpanjrb g! 4D4 10 2 2
long sword, steel Calidone Forest Invisible Knight weapon 0 !mc 3D4 8 0
sword, Excalibur Camelot King Arthur weapon 15 !mc 5D2 8 -2 -2 -2
sword, fireblade of mars Camelot Mordred weapon 0 !mc !g 3D4 8 0
club, green Calidone Forest green knight weapon 0 !m 2D5 6 0
bracers, merlin's mage Camelot Merlin wrist 0 m! !e 5 20 20