The JediMUD Hall of FameEdit

Players that have reached perfect statistics through the remorting process, (that is, attained base 18s in each statistical category: STR, WIS, INT, DEX, CON and CHA), may "retire" their character as a guildmaster or guildguard in any of the class guilds located in the hometowns of Midgaard, New Thalos or Skara Brae.
Policy Remort states:
2) You may choose to have a guildmaster or a guildguard renamed in your honor. Contact a CIMP with your request; be sure to include the location of the mob you want renamed as well as your description. The new description is subject to approval by the CIMP. Each post-perfect character may use this option only once.
Some years ago, when the available guildmasters and guildguards positions became scarce in the three hometowns, Arcadia was specifically written and installed as a remort town. (See the article on Arcadia for the list of retired mortals installed there.)

Renamed ItemsEdit

Another option that post-perfect players have available to them is the renaming of a common item. Here is a list of those items that have been renamed in honor of long-term, dedicated JediMUDding.

Orig. Item Renamed Item Character
? Sim's Pineapple Tart Sim

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