Mobiles (Non-Player Characters)Edit

The Function of Non-Player Characters

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) provide the "living" backdrop for the world of JediMUD. They are not typically controlled by a human operator, though during special quests, they may be issued remote commands. Some NPCs provide clues to in-game construction quests. The NPCs are programed to issue certain phrases of a script. To hear the script, stand in the same room as the mob and wait until the entire script cycles, usually within a few minutes.

Types of Non-Player Characters


Merchants are NPCs that buy and sell items depending on their profession. For example, the Wizard in Midgaard (sssswwwn from Midgaard Temple) sells magical scrolls and wands. His shop is in an !violence room, so as not to be killed and unavailable should a player character need his services. Some merchants are not in !violence rooms, and can be killed for their inventory and cash on hand.


: Guildmasters and their respective guards, waiters, bartenders and other associates are installed in class guilds throughout the JediMUD world, typically in hometowns and larger cities. Some guildmasters are hidden. For example, Numinis, the magic user in Weeden, is a guildmaster for all classes. Ranger guildmasters can be found in their respective forest habitats: Midgaard North, Midgaard West, the Great Eastern Desert and the forest east of Skara Brae.

Mobile Objects (Mobs)

Mobile Objects are NPCs that can be attacked. These NPCs are fitted with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that they can fight back. There are different Mobs for different skill levels, and usually give experience points and can be looted for items when they are killed. Mobs take the form of characters or creatures or plants.

Town Folk

Town folk are NPCs that wander room to room in larger zones, like Ravenna, Hellas, Sanctuary and Rome. They may speak to you, offering clues to constructible quests that span the World, or they may carry special equipment, items or treasure.

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