Zones (or Areas)Edit

Many of the standard Diku areas have been implemented. These include:

Midgaard, Midgaard Zoo, Eastern Desert, Moria, Haon-Dor, Arachnos, Dwarven Kingdom, Old Thalos, Drow City, and the 'Cheer's Bar.

Zone TableEdit

The following zones have been implemented at JediMUD.
Area Level General Location
Castle Mistamere 1-8 any newbie transporter
The Crystal Caves 1-8 any newbie transporter
Midgaard Zoo 1-8 any newbie transporter
Froboz's Factory 1-8 any newbie transporter
Shire Village 1+ northwest of Midgaard
Gyles Keep 1+ Skara Brae, Finn Street
Midgaard 1+ Midgaard
Midgaard Sewers 1+ Midgaard, under the Dump
Bardic Colleges* 1-30 Accessible via any Bardic Guild
Dwarven Kingdom 8+ East of Midgaard, south of Turning Point
Miden' Nir** 8+ East of Midgaard, south of Turning Point
Midgaard Temple Complex 8+ Midgaard, west of the Altar
Mines of Moria 8+ North of Dwarven Kingdom
Ofcol Village 8+ North of Midgaard, in the foothills
Training Grounds 8-20 On the road to Castle Welmar
The Amusement Park*,** 10+ New Thalos, near Perrywinkle Avenue
Arachnos 10+ West of Midgaard
Calidone Forest** 10+ Southeast of Camelot
Corsair Citadel* 10+ Southern Coast, Dragon Sea
Darkspine Mountains* 10+ West of New Thalos
Elven Village Ruins 10+ Southeast of Skara Brae
Hellas*,** 10+ West of New Thalos
Lost Isle of Shaedar 10+ In the southern Dragon Sea
The Shadow Storm 10+ East of Skara Brae
The Metrorail* 10+ Skara Brae Metro Station
Artic Empire*,** 15+ West of Skara Brae
Abandoned Cathedral 15+ Sanctuary City, north of the Bazaar
Abandoned Ship 15+ Northeast of Skara Brae, Near Ravenna
The Abyss*,** 15+ South of Balor's Domain
Amber Forest of Arden** 15+ In Shadow Storm
Arcadia 15+ Northeast of New Thalos
Artica 15+ Northeast of Midgaard
Asylum and Refuge 15+ West of Skara Brae
Balor's Domain** 15+ South of Midgaard
Camelot 15+ South of Midgaard, on the Devahn River
Cheer's Bar 15+ Midgaard, near the Tradesmen's Square
Donner's Den 15+ Skara Brae, near the east gate
Dragon Sea 15+ East of New Thalos, West of Skara Brae
Drow City*,** 15+ South of Midgaard, below the tunnels
Emerald Maze 15+ New Thalos, Sultan's Garden
Enfan City** 15+ East of Midgaard
Floodland** 15+ West of Skara Brae
Forest of Haon-Dor** 15+ West of Midgaard
Goblinville Under the Mountain** 15+ Southwest of Forest of Haon Dor
Great Chessboard** 15+ New Thalos, near Circle of Workmanship
Great Pyramid*,** 15+ In the Great Eastern Desert
Wandering Greza Ship** 15+ Docks, Skara Brae
High Tower of Sorcery** 15+ North of the Shadow Grove
Imperial Ravenna* 15+ East of Skara Brae
Lich's Tower** 15+ Near northwest watchtower, Old Thalos
The Marshland** 15+ South of Miden'Nir
The Marshland Cemetery 15+ South of The Marshland
The Monastery 15+ West of New Thalos, near Wamphyr Aerie
Necromancer's Tower 15+ South of Miden'Nir, within the Marshland
New Thalos 15+ North of the Great Eastern Desert
The Nightmire*,** 15+ Southwest of New Thalos
Northern Plains* 15+ North of Midgaard
Old Thalos 15+ West of the Great Eastern Desert
Parliament of Owls* 15-20 Northeast of Skara Brae, near Ravenna
River Island of Minos** 15+ West of Midgaard on Dark River
Rome*,** 15+ Southeast of New Thalos in the Desert
Sanctuary City*,** 15+ Northern Dragon Sea, east of New Thalos
Muppet Theater* 15+ Eastern gate, New Thalos
Skara Brae 15+ East of Sanctuary City
The Straight Path** 15+ Southwest of New Thalos
Star Wars* 15+ Great Eastern Desert, south of New Thalos
Three of Swords* 15+ In the Darkspine Mountains
Troglodyte Caves** 15+ Southeastern Great Desert near Rhyoden
Valhalla*,** 15-20 North of New Thalos
Weeden 15+ Northwest of Midgaard
King Welmar's Castle 15+ Northeast of Midgaard
Werith's Wayhouse** 15+ South of New Thalos
Anthill*,** 17+ East of Midgaard
The Catacombs** 17+ Beneath the Monastery
Drake Isle*,** 17+ South of Sanctuary in the Dragon Sea
Galaxy*,** 17+ Seek out the Soothsayer's Wagon
Mahn-Tor** 17+ North of Artic, southwest of Sanctuary
Scipio Dreaming*,** 17+ Seek Onophrio Panuinio (sic Onofrio Panvinio) (Sanctuary, Drake, etc.)
Sieged Castle** 17+ East of Skara Brae
Underworld*,** 17+ South of Forest of Haon Dor
Wamphyri Aerie** 17+ West of New Thalos, near Monastery
Aralu** 21+ Northeast of Midgaard
Cedar Estate Mansion** 21+ West of New Thalos in the Darkspine Mountains
Dragon City*,** 21+ In the mountains west of New Thalos
Golden Pagoda*,** 21+ Locate the Golden Pagoda
Goth Camps*,** 21+ North of Ravenna
Hell*,** 21+ West of Midgaard and Forest of Haon Dor
Rhyoden Kingdom** 21+ Southeast of Troglodyte Caves
Sea of Dreams 21+ West of Goblin Caves
Shadow Rift** 21+ West of Shadow Grove
Algodon's Pyramid of Doom** 25+ West of Skara Brae in Fenshire Swamp

(The above level recommendations roughly estimate the survival of an average three-member group at that level. Areas rated above level 21 should be explored with a knowledgeable guide.)
An asterisk (*) denotes that one or more death traps are present in the area! Use the "exits" command wherever possible if you are unfamiliar with a zone or area.
Two asterisks (**) denotes that the mobiles (creatures) in the area are aggressive. They may attack you without provocation.
Thanks to Ego for this comprehensive listing! A special thanks to all of the zone writers that have contributed to the World of JediMUD over the past twenty years!

Newbie ZonesEdit

In order to help acclimate new players to JediMUD, several very low level zones have been written to make your transition easier. You can access these zones via the newbie transporters, located in the three hometowns of Midgaard, New Thalos and Skara Brae.
The newbie transporter room in Midgaard is 2u (two squares up) from the temple. In New Thalos the newbie transporter room is 1n (one square north) of the Dancing Daemon Inn. In Skara Brae, the newbie transporter is 1e (one square east) of the Welcome Center.
You may access the newbie zones up to and including level 8. Once you have leveled past 8, you may no longer access the newbie zones!
Castle Mistamere  Crystal Caves  Midgaard Zoo Training Grounds Froboz's Factory of Doom

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Area BuildingEdit

One of the many ways you can help the mud grow is to author original areas for the mud. The general outlines, area submission form, and helpfiles can be found at We are in general looking for medieval and fantasy themed zones. We are not generally interested in zones based on tv shows, comic books, movies, or other existing properties, and we are actively avoiding adding new areas based on copyrighted materials.
If you have any questions about building, please address them to
If you have a Windows 95/98/NT computer, you can also download a custom WorldBuilder program, written by our own Unicorn, to aid in the creation process. You can download it from the "Resources" section of the Jedi web page (
You should have immorted on JediMUD in order to build. This is a way to ensure that the people who are writing have a familiar grasp of our MUDs statistics and are relatively knowledgable about our world as it is today. You need not currently have an immortal character; we will accept remorted mortals as builders, since this first requirement is to assure a minimum level of knowledge.

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