Object Affect FieldsEdit

Object Affect Fields give objects magical properties. They affect characters when the object is worn, not when picked up.

The format of an Object Affect Field is:


<location> <value>


The aspect of the character affected by the object. It must be one of the following numbers:

0    NONE           No effect (typically not used).

1    STR            Apply to strength.

2    DEX            Apply to dexterity.

3    INT            Apply to intelligence.

4    WIS            Apply to wisdom.

5    CON            Apply to constitution.

6    CHA            Apply to charisma.

7    CLASS          Unimplemented.  Do not use.

8    LEVEL          Unimplemented.  Do not use.

9    AGE            Apply to character's MUD age, in MUD-years.

10   CHAR_WEIGHT    Apply to weight.

11   CHAR_HEIGHT    Apply to height.

12   MANA           Apply to MAX mana points.

13   HIT            Apply to MAX hit points.

14   MOVE           Apply to MAX movement points.

15   GOLD           Unimplemented.  Do not use.

16   EXP            Unimplemented.  Do not use.

17   AC             Apply to armor class (AC).

18   HITROLL        Apply to hitroll.

19   DAMROLL        Apply to damage roll bonus.

20   SAVING_PARA    Apply to save throw: paralyze

21   SAVING_ROD     Apply to save throw: rods

22   SAVING_PETRI   Apply to save throw: petrif

23   SAVING_BREATH  Apply to save throw: breath

24   SAVING_SPELL   Apply to save throw: spells


The number used to modify the Location.

Extra EffectsEdit

A bitvector replaces the older unique numeric bit order methodology of assigning attributes or the ``special effects" of the object. Flags that are marked as ``cosmetic" merely add an interesting message to the object when it is examined, but has no substantive effect otherwise. The flags have the following values:

1     a   GLOW           Item is glowing (cosmetic).

2     b   HUM            Item is humming (cosmetic).

4     c   NORENT         Item cannot be rented.

8     d   NODONATE       Item cannot be donated.

16    e   NOINVIS        Item cannot be made invisible.

32    f   INVISIBLE      Item is invisible.

64    g   MAGIC          Item has a magical aura and can't be enchanted.

128   h   NODROP         Item is cursed and cannot be dropped.

256   i   BLESS          Item is blessed (cosmetic).

512   j   ANTI_GOOD      Item can't be used by good-aligned characters.

1024  k   ANTI_EVIL      Item can't be used by evil-aligned characters.

2048  l   ANTI_NEUTRAL   Item can't be used by neutral align characters.

4096  m   ANTI_MAGIC_USER Item can't be used by the Mage class.

8192  n   ANTI_CLERIC    Item can't be used by the Cleric class.

16384 o   ANTI_THIEF     Item can't be used by the Thief class.

32768 p   ANTI_WARRIOR   Item can't be used by the Warrior class.

65536 q   NOSELL         Shopkeepers will not buy or sell the item.