JediMUD Character Classes[edit | edit source]

When you start a character at JediMUD, you may choose between nine basic character classes. The details, merits and considerations regarding each class can be found on the pages in this category.

Anti-Paladin[edit | edit source]

Anti-Paladins are zealots serving their dark deities as crusaders and champions. They are the profane standard-bearers, the battle-line breakers, and the unforgiving masters of fell armies. Anti-Paladins serve their deity by spreading their dogma and mercilessly slaying those who refuse to convert. The evil of an anti-paladin is an unequivocal force that shakes even the mightiest warriors of goodness.

Basic APAL gear can be found at most anti-paladin guild houses in the major cities.

Bards[edit | edit source]

When you picture a bard, picture Tom Bombadil, the singing warrior from the Hobbit.  Using his voice and an instrument, the bard is able to serve as a warrior poet.  
Bards are a remort class in the JediMUD universe, that is, they can only be created after you have gained immortality at JediMUD with a character (in any class.)  
Upon remorting your character, in addition to the seven basic classes, you can choose two additional classes, the bard and the ranger.  When you choose a new class, your current stats are automatically re-rolled.  Remort classes should be selected on any characters second remort, in order to avoid wasting remort statistics bonuses.
Bards have their own dedicated zone for gaining levels, the Bardic Colleges.   Bard need a balance between damage, armor class and regen equipment .  Young bards may need to augment their equipment with non-college derived equipment from around the MUD.

Clerics[edit | edit source]

Jedis[edit | edit source]

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