Midgaard Sohei Guild




Tendrils of shadow pour forth from the walls as you enter, and the chamber reverberates with whispers of the Mistress' story.  "Lured to the realm by promises of excitement, persuaded to stay by the almighty Steppin, befriended by the great sohei of the past, instructed by her brothers of INC, and inspired by the great Sohei of the present - Devante, Nazgul, and Themyth... For 6 years and 10 lifetimes she has walked the solitary path of the Sohei, acknowledging no other, till at last reaching the level of perfection reserved for Masters. And now, she waits."  You begin to choke on the mass of shadows that has filled the chamber, when suddenly a flash of light precedes a massive clap of thunder...and the shadows are gone. Blinking away the pain, you glance up as the last shadows merge into a black-clad form... Blood spatters from her raven hair as she whirls to face you with a snarl. Tendrils of blue flame lick from her fingertips and spark against the battered, gore-encrusted plates of her armor before flickering away to oblivion. "You....summoned me?"  Eyes of icy blue appraise you...and seem to find you wanting. "Very well", she muses, "if you desire the path of the Sohei, I will lead you upon it." The room plunges into blackness, and the only sound is the soft hiss of metal sliding from a scabbard, and the faintest of whispers, "I hope you can keep up."
She is everything your mother warned you about. There is no Joy here, no Love or Compassion. Here there is only Hate and Lust, Revenge, and the icy arms of Death. Worship Her. Embrace Her.   Fear Her. She is the Shadow.    
-Shine Like Thunder, Cry Like Rain -