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4s10e3n2wnwn (Midgaard Temple)


To the northeast of Midgaard lies Orshingal, the blighted city of the enfans. Small, humanoid creatures, the legends say they were once a peaceful group of hobbits who welcomed all visitors to their city. But they were betrayed by one of their own, a powerful sorcerer so twisted by his own hate that he turned every person into the city into a horrific, evil being. Now, the city is a bone-strewed rubble pile, with few houses standing. Adventurers bold enough to enter the city speak of a gargoyle standing guard at the gates, and a malicious, supreme enfan deep within a temple in the heart of the city. Could the sorcerer still live, in this changed form ... 

Orshingal, I am told, used to be a sparkling city of wonders and dreams. That was before the Enfans moved in. Enfans are evil, childlike beings, most of them aren't too hard but there are a lot of them. Even the hardiest Adept can get bogged down when enfans keep walking into the room and joining in the fight.
The sewers are a bit of a mess (speaking as someone that likes well designed maps). The locked door to the west is unlocked with the old key from the gargoyle guarding the entrance. The door to the east cannot be unlocked or knocked. If you enter the sewer from A Street (St) you can go up to leave it again but down takes you to the sewer room to the west.
The Jewelers, Armory and and Weaponry each contain locked chests which can be unlocked by the key chain on one of the yellow enfan. A second yellow enfan (there are more than two) has a small, gold key that opens the fireplace in the Deserted Cottage.

Mobs of NoteEdit

black enfan - (strange boots, opal bracelet, scarlet bracelet, galactic claymore, metallic shield), guard dog - (opal ring), display case - (high heels, black tunic)

General Zone StrategiesEdit

Area is occupied by (non-wandering) evil aggressive mobs.  There are two secrets doors to either side of the entrance, but the left passage dead ends, and the right passage takes you around the right edge of the city and deposits you near the north east corner.   There are some cabinets in the center of town that can be opened with the various key rings that can be found about the zone, but there are no equipment items of note here.

The black enfan and the dog in the cabin load all of the equipment of note.


Enfan map

Dank's hand-drawn map of Enfan City with annotations.

Enfan City-Destiny

Destiny's awesome plotted map.