Area Designer:Edit

Steppin Razor


ses2ene2n3w2hwhs3l (Foot of the Empire Wharf, Sanctuary)


Once a stronghold of imperial authority, this province has in recent times decayed into a state of semi-lawlessness. Its imperial governor, out of contact with the royal authorities for years, has been forced to usurp imperial power for himself, hoping to preserve his ancestral territory along the shores of the Dragon Sea. Covering vast stretches of land between Skara Brae and the city of Sanctuary, the Floodland is home to many a merchant caravan on its way to vast riches, but is also the site of a strange collection of mystics, prophets, and wayward monks of all kinds.

Mobs of Note:Edit

Governor Fzort - (imperial purple robe), hidden guardian - (mithril sword), Y' Gael - (icon of Atrii, garnet-set leather shield), Arsenius - (coiling vine bracelet, thin tin bracelet), basalt idol - (crocodile tear), dumb troll - (sturdy boots), Prosper - (staff of guidance), swamp wraith - (misty potion), elven wanderer - (elven leather greaves)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

Track to the hidden gate guardian. Work your way up the tower to Y'Gael and Fzort.