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Out of the Shadow Storm, outside of Skara Brae, lies the noble forest of Arden, part of the mythical Realm of Amber. Protecting this plane from annihilation by the great Chaos, Prince Gerard and his followers are ever-vigilant. The forest remains mostly unexplored by mere mortals, but rumors abound of two powerful princes out patrolling the forest paths with their hunting parties. Explorers are encouraged to be wary as they enter such an unexplored and presumably dangerous realm.

Mobs of Note:Edit

Bugs Bunny - (carrot), Elmer Fudd - (hunting hat), pilgrim - (travel-stained book), Prince Gerard - (Gerard's untakeable ring, Hunter's Blade) Prince Julian - (Julian's Blade, Lightning-scorched Drake leggings) The Hunter - (Hunter's Blade) Unicorn - (unicorn horn)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

Track to Gerard for his ring. You'll need to animate the corpse in order to get the ring, as it is an !take object. You can optionally put Gerard's corpse in a large container and wait for it to dissolve. The zone is only accessible via the shadow storm (or teleportation). You'll need to recall or be summoned out. Visit the Happy Camp and leave your name carved in the Alder Tree.