Area Designer:Edit

Quifael  (originally of DikuMUD) (modified by Derkhil of CircleMUD)====


4s14w (from Midgaard Temple)


West of Midgaard lies the sprawling forest of Haon-Dor. Home to many creatures, its pathways lead to many different places. Those who enter the forest must be cautious: it is easy to become lost underneath the trees, and when night falls, fell creatures stalk the hidden paths.

Mobs of Note:Edit

druid - (morning star, elder sign, staff of curing), huge green dragon - (iron crown, yellow potion), Sashimi - (Sashimi's fishing pole), Shargugh - (iron ring), tree - (scarlet and gold wool)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

Watch for wolves and wargs which are aggressive. The trees are hidden and glowing. Beware of the green dragon's breath, as it travels several rooms from the dragon lair!