Zone Writer:Edit

CAW (Creative Areas Workshop)  Additions by Kailyn

Newbie Zone: Froboz's Factory of DoomEdit

Lower level zone with some agro NPC. This zone introduces new players to the need and use of keys to access additional sections of areas. Decent newbie gear can be found here.


(Newbie transporter 2u from Midgaard recall)


A newbie zone written specifically to help new players adapt to a mud environment, Froboz's Factory is a small zone accessible via the newbie transporter two up from the Temple of Midgaard.  The mobs in this zone load gear as well as canned magic, specifically designed towards helping newbies boost their stats and power, so don't junk it--use it.

General Zone Strategy:Edit

Collect as many healing potions as you can as you practice mapping and using your new spells and skills.


Factory of doom-Destiny