What is a Guildmaster?Edit

When a player attains statistical perfection (18/100 18 18 18 18 18 18), he or she is offered a few choices for "past perfect" or "post perfect" re-morting.  They may add to regen and/or other percentile statistics, they may wish to create a room in the remort zone, Arcadia, they may wish to rename a non-limited item in the game, or they may wish to have a guildmaster renamed in their honor.

NPC guildmasters are typically teachers that allow class-based skill or spell training.  They typically do not have names, but are referred to as "a ninja guildmaster," for example.

A post-perfect remort character may request to be substituted for an NPC guildmaster and the owner asked to supply a description.  Further remorts may sometimes garner additional procs, speech lines or low level  items that will load on the guildmaster.

Please see a CIMP for more information.