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With the dawn of the new age of exploration, and the opening of land routes to Sanctuary City and Skara Brae, the old imperial city of Rome became strategically less important, and the modern emperors moved their glorious capital to a more powerful location. Now, the seat of Roman imperial authority rests near the eastern coasts of the Great Sea, within a day's sail from the forests that surround Skara. Weakening in its old age, the glory of the Roman Empire has been enfeebled both from within and without, rebellious garrisons breaking out in riot at the slightest excuse, and hungry Gothic hordes beating down the city gates. Even so, the beauty and majesty of the city survive, and its call is powerful to all who will listen.

Ravenna is a historic city in Italy, located southeast of Milan and south of Venice on the Adriatic Sea.  It served as the seat of Roman power near the end of the Western Roman Empire Period, c. 400 AD.


Ghost of the Fallen Gods (hidden), panicked citizens (every random uptime), dogs (leash and collar), Pope Clement IV (papal tiara, papal blessings), Goths

Mobs of Note:Edit

Augustus - (diadem, purple slippers), citizen - (roman toga), Claudian - (poet's wreath), dog - (torn leather leash, torn leather collar), elite palace guard - (graven breastplate), fan - (rock, stone), foot soldier - (worn storage pack), gladiator - (short wooden club, small shield, gladatorial net, dull shortsword, trident -2 kinds) gothic auxiliary - (gold bars, stolen jewels), gothic mercenary - (gothic war axe), legionary - (idis), Melania - (tattered robes), mercenary - (scutum), packhorse - (leather saddle), penitent citizen - (vial of holy water, rosary), Pope Clement IV - (papal tiara), Roman Cavalry - (lancea), Rufinus - (blacksmith's hammer, laced longsword), Sarus - (massive mercenary's shield), slave - (gladius), Standard Bearer - (imperial eagle standard), Stilicho - (consular axe), Telemachus - (graven cross on a beaded necklace)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

To be granted audience with the Imperator, Honorius Augustus, have a thief pick the outer door to the capitoline building. You'll need to scan the inventories of the guards near the outer door to identify the guard holding the key to the inner door. Because the atrium colonnade is !violence, you'll have to mage charm or bard mass charm the elite(s) to get the brass key and open the inner doors.  The elite also holds an intricate key, which is the key to the outer doors.

All mobs in Ravenna cannot see invis (seems logical, doesn't it?).  Use this knowledge to your advantage.


robe, tattered Ravenna Melania about 0 g! 0 0 2
robe, purple Ravenna about 0 7 0 -1
toga, roman Ravenna citizen body 0 0 0
breastplate, graven Ravenna elite palace guard body 0 !e 27 0 1
storage pack, worn Ravenna foot soldier container 0 0 0 150 units
slippers, purple Ravenna Augustus foot 22 !n 0 20 20 10% ruby slippers
diadem, Augustan Ravenna Augustus head L 12 !n 16 2 2 10%
wreath, poet's Ravenna Claudian head 15 n! 0 2 2
idis Ravenna legionary head 0 12 0 6 -3 enchantable
holy water, vial of Ravenna penitent citizen head 0 0 0 1 x bless (1 unit)
tiara, papal Ravenna Pope Clement IV head 20 g! 24 15 15 8%
net, gladiatorial Ravenna gladiator hold 0 0 0
eagle standard, imperial flag Ravenna Standard Bearer hold 12 0 22 2 20
collar, torn leather Ravenna dog neck 5 !n 1 -29 1 -30
rosary necklace Ravenna penitent citizen neck 8 g! 0 7 2 5
graven cross on a beaded necklace Ravenna Telemachus neck 15 0 18 -2 20
papyrus, piece of Ravenna note 0 0 0
leash, torn leather Ravenna dog other 0 0 0
saddle, leather Ravenna packhorse other 0 0 0
shield, small Ravenna gladiator shield 0 5 0 enchantable
scutum Ravenna mercenary shield 0 11 0 6 -3 enchantable
shield, mercenary's massive Ravenna Sarus shield 15 !g 20 -1 -1
gold bars Ravenna gothic auxiliary treasure 0 0 0 75k gp
stolen jewels Ravenna gothic auxiliary treasure 0 0 0 50k gp
rock Ravenna fan weapon 0 1D3 2 6 3 3
stone Ravenna fan weapon 0 1D3 2 0
trident Ravenna gladiator weapon 0 3D5 9 4 2 2 best enchant
shortsword, dull Ravenna gladiator weapon 0 3D4 8 -1 -1
trident Ravenna gladiator weapon 15 3D3 6 -10 -10 15%
club, short wooden Ravenna gladiator weapon 0 3D2 5 0
axe, Gothic war Ravenna gothic mercenary weapon 5 4D4 10 -1 -1
lancea Ravenna Roman Cavalry weapon 5 4D4 10 0 -1 1
longsword, laced Ravenna Rufinus weapon 10 6D4 15 4 2 2 best enchant
hammer, blacksmith's Ravenna Rufinus weapon 0 0 0 singing sword
gladius Ravenna slave weapon 0 5D3 10 1 1
axe, consular Ravenna Stilicho weapon



Danks's fabulous hand-drawn map with annotation by his son, Vince