Here's a list of equipment that has an intelligence attribute of at least 1. Each item has a series of attributes that will describe how the item is worn and the character class and alignment that can wear them. 

Equipment with both WIS and INT attributes are more prized than single affect equipment, especially for multi-remort levelling because of the limited number of equipment slots available.

Keep in mind that affects are totalled in equipped "slot" or from light to holdable, and after affects add to 18, each piece of equipment with an affect is treated as a single numerical affect when continuing to total affects to 25 (for those remorted characters).

For example, you are a 3 remort mage and have a natural intelligence of 15.  At level time, you are holding a +1 int light and wearing a +2 int headwear.  Your INT affect total is 18 so far.  You also are wearing two +2 int bracelets.  Because you have already reached 18 with your light and headwear, the bracelets only count +1 toward your total INT affect of 20.  You'll need to find another piece of +INT (any affect) equipment in order to get to 21 INT. 

Use the following key to better understand the intelligence equipment table below.

ITEM = item name

ZONE = where you can find the mob in the game

MOB = item owner (mobile)

TYPE = where worn in inventory, e.g. neckwear, headwear, etc.

L = Limited item. This item can only generate a specific amount of copies in the database, a specific amount of copies during an uptime, or a specific amount of copies concurrently as defined by item flags established by the zone builder.

ML = minimum level of character required to wear item

CLASS = class restrictions, if any. Some items cannot be worn by certain character classes. The nomenclature is fairly straightforward: x! means that item can only be worn by the classes to the left of the "bang" symbol (exclamation point). !x means that the item cannot be worn by the classes to the left of the bang symbol. For example, !c means "anti"-cleric or cannot be worn by clerics. !mcbpt means, cannot be worn by mages, clerics, bards, paladins or thieves. t! means that the item can only be worn by thieves.

AL = alignment. Some items cannot be worn by certain alignments. The nomenclature is identical to that used by the class restriction column. x! means that the item can only be worn by characters of that alignment. !x means that the item cannot be worn by characters of that alignment. For example, !n means "anti"-neutral or cannot be worn by neutral characters. gn! means that the item can be worn by either good or neutral characters. This is equivalent to !e, or "anti"-evil, an item that cannot be worn by evil characters.

INT = amount of intelligence attribute (1-3)

OTHER = other statistic or attribute modifiers (if any)

REG = regenerative modifier (if any)

Intelligence Attribute Equipment Table

Crystal Necklace of Knowledge Rome Venus neck L 15 3
wizard hat Arachnos Empress of Arachnos head 10 !twnrb 3
runed staff Miden 'Nir Goblin Chief weapon 2 +2 WIS
ivory triptych Weeden constructible hold 10 2

+2 WIS

amulet of Ra Straight Path dragon neck 2 +2 WIS
strategist hat Rhyoden General Quagar head 2 +2 WIS
Wamphyrie War Gauntlet Wamphyr Lady Karen weapon 2 +2 HIT
Key to the Gates Straight Path cherubim weapon 2
kimono Greza warlock body 15 mbr! 2
small helmet Drow Matron Mother #3 head !m 2
space helmet Sesame Elmo head 2
Ring of Al-Hakiem Lost Ship Punketah ring 5 !jp 2 +15 MANA
ring set with amber Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi ring 5 jp! 2 +15 MANA
elder sign Forest of Haon Dor elder druid neck 2 +10 MANA
crystal pig Sanctuary glassblower light L 10 2
Scooter's Glasses Sesame Scooter head !e 2
A very obvious clue Bardic College - Folchlucan student hold 2
brass crown Sanctuary head !g 1 +2 WIS
Scales of Justice Straight Path Archangel Michael hold !ta !e 1 +1 WIS
golden helm and visor Mahn-Tor Tyrgoth head !g 1 +1 WIS
rope sandals Pagoda master foot 5 1 +1 WIS
ethics Hellas Aristotle light !twanb !e 1 +1 WIS
teardrop pendant Underworld Grief neck 1 +1 WIS
small ring Artica Wizard ring !e 1 +1 WIS
red jade ring Moria intelligent mage ring !g 1 +1 WIS
leather blood-soaked bindings Emerald Maze troll's right arm wrist 10 1
silk cowl Nightmire demagogue head 1
beanie Amusement Park kid head 10 1
watered silk breeches Corsair Coast Henry Robertson leg 10 !ctwnrb 1
Black Queen's Crown Chessboard Black Queen head e! 1
pinball wizard hat Amusement Park pinball wizard head 12 ms! 1
propeller hat Froboz Factory <list> head 1
delving jumpsuit Midgaard Sewers engineer/ Retlaw body 5 1
black satin cape Abandoned Cathedral Erich about !g 1
flimsy shield Sanctuary Markmoor shield 1
strands of chaos Arachnos Yevaud arm 11 !ctwpan 1
emerald bracelet High Tower Grand Master wrist 1
Bracers of Sanity Refuge nun wrist 5 1
silver celtic armbands Corsair Coast Procella Fuscus arm L !tw 1
elementalist's focus stone Corsair Coast Fabius Pugionis wand 7 !twpan !g 1
blue cowled robe Corsair Coast Salmoneus body 5 1 +1 HIT
Ring of Dignity Galaxy Cassiopeia ring 10 !e 1 +10 MANA
golden feather quill High Tower master scribe hold 1
scarlet and blue stone Old Thalos lamia hold 7 1
blueprints Skara Brae engineer other !wpan 1