Example of non-equipped inventory.

Your inventory is comprised of those items which you are not currently wearing, but carried with you, as you travel about the world.

All characters are limited to a max number of 28 items in inventory, regardless of weight.

Each object in the JediMUD world has been assigned an intrinsic weight. ? Some articles weigh more than others, and you can either recite an identify scroll or have a mage cast an identify spell on an object to determine the object's weight. ? Your character's strength determines how much weight it can carry.

In order to carry more than the maximum number of items in your inventory, make sure you acquire a bag, sack or some other combination of containers. ? Each container has been assigned a number of units of capacity. ? Some containers are designed to carry many objects, and others, just a few.

Here is a basic list of bags, sacks and other container objects:

  • Bag (40 units of capacity, weight: 2 units)
  • Sack (80 units of capaciity, weight: 2 units)
  • Cracked Black Urn (1000 units of capacity, weight: 39 units)
  • Portable Hole (500 units of capacity, weight: -14 units) ? (This container is unique in that it offsets 14 units of weight that you are carrying!)
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