From a MUD Connector interview in 1995 of Marie T. McDaniel (JackyBlaque): I had very very very little knowledge about computers, much less the internet and muds and such about a year and a half ago (or more?) and then my boyfriend at the time gave me some tips mainly so I could send and receive email regarding class assignments and so on. [...] I jumped around to different muds, but the people here seemed nice, helpful and less sex-obsessed when it came to female players (I may be wrong, but at least it was the IMPRESSION!). Eventually, I felt out of anywhere I might have wandered on the net, I knew the most folks here and they sincerely seemed to accept me for who I was (at least online =)). I made some decent friends who even counseled me through some rough times. It hasn't been the most stable site in times past, but for a reliable number of helpful and nice people and the feeling that I had some input, Jedi has made me feel that if I'm going to waste my time on the net, I might as well do it here.