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Jay Levino, (Onivel) was one of the original implementors of the current incarnation of JediMUD.

In September of 1995, JediMUD was selected as the Mud Connector'sMUD of the Month,  and many of the implementors were interviewed for the online publication.  Here are excerpts from the portion of the interview featuring Jay Levino.

How has running and being involved with JediMUD affected your life? What has it changed?Edit

In short, if it weren't for JediMUD I wouldn't be getting married, I wouldn't have the job that I have, I'd have fewer good friends and I'd never have bought a Saturn as my first car.
I first met my fiancee (change to wife after 10/7/95) in real life at a gathering of JediMUDers at Cedar Point in the summer of 1993. After getting to talk to her on the game, then on the phone, then meeting her in person, well, things just took off at that point. Even if I ignored all of the other good things that have happened in my life because of JediMUD, this one thing has made all of that work worthwhile.
Second, when I first began working on JediMUD, I couldn't program my way out of a paper bag. While there are some who say that I still can't, the knowledge gained from working on JediMUD's code and from using the Internet was enough to land me a job as a senior programmer for a software engineering company. Sure, ServiceWare, Inc. had tons of resumes from perspective programmers, but the fact that I had 'hard' experience in programming software that has been used by literally hundreds of people really got their attention.
Because of JediMUD, I have made a great number of friends that I regularly keep in touch with. Romulus and I hang out together every few weeks. I've been to Atlanta to hang out with Doc, Baltimore to see with Ras, Detroit to visit Kinski and Moonbeam... the list goes on and on. I decided to buy a Saturn after falling in love with Romulus's -- she STILL cons me into changing her oil or waxing it or whatever else needs to be done. It's been said that mudders are losers who couldn't survive in real life. I don't agree. The losers are those MUDders who can't keep virtual reality and real life in perspective.
Yes, running Jedi can be a real hassle and every member of the admin team has been tempted to walk away more than once. However, the good things that have come from being a part of JediMUD far outweigh the bad ones, at least for me.