The OpenDatabase ConceptEdit

In the fall of 1993, Vince De Quattro watched as several student interns played JediMUD on their VT100 data entry terminals during a lunch break.  Vince had just been accepted into a MFA Film Program at USC Film School and was working part-time for Director Deanna Easter at the USC Registrar's Office, coding RDBMS systems for Admissions, Development and other various Student Affairs related departments on campus.

After creating a warrior named 'Dank' (the only vaguely LOTR name he could think of at the time) in Skara Brae and toying with the interface for a few weeks, he sat down one rainy Saturday in December 1993 and began exploring the neighboring zones of Greza, Artica, and took the metro for the first time to Midgaard.  After spending the next 48 hours leveling solo to 15+, he was hooked.

Fast forward twenty-four years later, and Vince has compiled a fairly comprehensive cloud-based database of JediMUD equipment from each of the 100+ zones installed.  With help from many contributors (mentioned below) this list may be the most comprehensive in existence.

In 2005, Vince and Jason Shanfield (Mobutu) drafted a limited use license agreement for those who wished to access the information online.  The data existed in a primitive (today) .xlr spreadsheet that resided on a ftp share via the University where Vince served as a Director of Animation and Visual Effects.  After the advent of the cloud, the data was ported to Google Sheets, where it lives happily today.

All of the data in the database is being transferred to area-based equipment lists on this wikia.  While useful for beginners, local eq information is only so helpful.  The JediMUD power-user wants to be able to sort and rank like equipment in order to create powerful combination of remort sets, level sets, ac sets, alignment-based sets, and so on. 

A share link will be provided to those who request it to