Welcome to the JediMUD Wiki

We've created this wiki to help new and returning players enjoy the JediMUD gaming experience.  We hope that those veteran players with an intimate understanding of the game will continue to pass on their expertise to the next generation of text role-playing gamers.  
Will JediMUD be around in another 25 years? It's a long shot, as platform, handheld and mobile applications have all but killed the text-based RPG.   Yet there remain hundreds of MUD variants to choose from, from MOOs and MUSHes, to Dikus, Circles and LPMUDs.
It all started back in the late sixties with a little game written by a spelunking-pair of computer scientists called "ADVENTURE" or The Colossal Cave.  JediMUD continues that tradition today, as we are still running after 30 years, and feature an active coder, zone implementors, and a small staff of caring IMMs.

What's Happening Today?

AustinPowers (Cunning) is JediMUD's active coder/implementor.  He has been providing bug fixes and adding functionality in sporadic minor releases since Doc stepped down as CIMP in 2008.  JediMUD currently resides with DreamHost, a cloud-based web hosting service.

The Future

JediMUD offers more than level-gain experience botting or elite equipment camping:  it offers significant context in the history of multi-user gaming,  what was once the first stop in the quick progression from mainframe text gaming to mobile app game development. The community is still intact, as many of the oldest players still frequent the Midgaard Temple.
New classes, zones, quests, procs, equipment and spells are being considered for implementation as the modified CircleMUD code has been further stabilized and upgraded to use the latest SQL-based data structures.  User preferences, smart prompts, dynamic data collection and other advances have improved playability and immersion.
Newbies are welcome, and with the adoption of this wiki and the continued support of a mature player-base, learning the game is easier than ever.

How to play:

Connect to JediMUD via mudportal.com and a no-frills client, or plug
jedimud.com port:4000
into your favorite client.

Want to Contribute?

If you would like to contribute to this wiki, please contact Vince De Quattro  (Dank) or leave a message here, on the wiki boards. 
If you would like to contribute to JediMUD, please email jedi-admin@jedimud.com.  The jediMUD test port is :6000 if you would like to exploring the next iteration of the game!


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