Statistics[edit | edit source]

While you may only be working on your first player character at JediMUD, some of the older JediFanatics possess hundreds of characters. Clients can help manage login information for your many characters, but in order to track other information, you'll need to enlist the aid of database or spreadsheet tools.

Here's an example of a character database (.xlsx format), tracking every aspect of a JediMUD player character, including prime attributes, number of remorts, number of deaths, experience level, gold, equipment and birth date.

Example char db.jpg

Height Conversion[edit | edit source]

I'm not sure how the code deals with simulating realistic body mass indexes. The average height of my fifty-six (56) player characters is 5' 11". That's 181 cm. There seems to be no correlation of height and class or sex. And though I feed those player characters every six hours with a waybread or a scooby-snack or two, they never seem to gain weight beyond their rather anemic 19-year-old start weight, averaging 145 pounds.

Ht wt.jpg

Initially I thought perhaps the weight was provided in kilograms, but at 2.2 pounds per kilo, the resultant average was out of scope on the high side.

Additionally, the centimeter unit baffled me a bit, being American and all, and so I wrote a cm to ft/in converter. Here's the .xlsx code for that:

Cm to feet.jpg

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