Kleen (Removing Inactive Characters)Edit

(This policy may be obsolete with the advent of cheap massive disk storage. The last character database kleen was conducted in March of 2007! )
NOTE: Periodic cleanings will be done to keep the playerfile size reasonable (under 8 meg).  See the news for playerfile kleening updates. 
With the return of the masses to school and mudding, the playerfile usually grows at an utterly incredible rate.  In the interests of conserving disk space and game memory, we must periodically purge the playerfile of excess baggage.  The current "playerfile cleaning" policy is in effect:
  1. Level 1 to 3 (no remorts): > 7 days idle
  2. Level 4 to 7 (no remorts): > 30 days idle
  3. Level 8 to 12 (no remorts): > 60 days idle
  4. Level 12 to 15 (no remorts): > 90 days idle
  5. Level 16 to 30 (no remorts): > 120 days idle
  6. Any level + any number of remorts: > 120 days idle
  7. IMMs through AVTRs: 150 days idle
  8. Cryorented characters: 365 days idle
Frozen and dead characters are deleted, regardless of level and/or login date.