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Gyles and Steppin RazorEdit


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Travelers to and from Imperial Ravenna, sailing across the Great Inland Sea, have brought back disturbing rumors of a ship mired, not by seaweed or shoals, but fell magic. According to reports, a group of hideous women-like creatures apparently sing to keep the vessel from reaching its appointed destination. It is certain that any adventurers brave enough to aid the ship in its quest to reach its destination would be rewarded greatly.

Mobs of Note:Edit

barrel - (loaf of cram), Captain - (astrolabe, sailor's cap, key to chest), demon hound - (fang), elven refugee - (Tome of the Village), hellhound - (demon horn), Punketah - (ring of Al-Hakiem, walking stick), sailor - (spyglass), siren - (the chanting necklace)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

The captain is wimpy. Punketah's ring load in inventory.