The MUD Connector HistoryEdit

(This accounting appeared in a 1995 release of the MUD Connector, Site of the Month Feature.)
In late March of 1992, Jay Levino and Fred Merkel both began seriously kicking around the idea of starting and running their own MUD. Having met on CircleMUD, they liked the idea of running a game of their own away from Circle. Fred had a machine at JHU that hosted the original JediMUD. The original code for Jedi (Sequent I) was downloaded at this time and they began work on the game. JediMUD officially came up out of testing on August 28, 1992.
After some minor squabbling with another game running at the JHU site, Jedi's popularity seemed to skyrocket. Fred (Torg), Jay (Onivel), Ras (Jeremy), and Romulus (Catherine) met up at JHU in September of 92 to discuss the game and meet each other for the first time. However, by late December, tempers flared and there were many disagreements between Fred and Jay, the implementors of the game. To add to the strain, JHU wanted to shut the game down due to the network load at the site. Jay moved a copy of JediMUD to a site located at Boston University and the copy running at JHU continued to run for several months afterwards.
This incarnation of Jedi has been located at, and At all of these sites, we were granted access with the system administrator's knowledge and approval. However, for security reasons or load reasons, we had to relocate the MUD from these sites. This had the unfortunate effect of making Jedi very unstable and at times, completely homeless.
Our current location is now with Access America in Georgia. Unlike our previous sites, and many MUD sites which run on educational servers, Access America fully owns the entire setup and was willing to draw up a contract ensuring us a secure and stable home for the game. After much porting of the game over to yet another operating system, and an upgrade of Access America's link, we're happy to announce that JediMUD is back up again. It's our sincere hope to keep the game online and accessible to our players until we flat out get tired of or are unable to run it!