In the first versions of JediMUD, zones were not linked by transition paths, and players had to travel between cities via the metro.  In the mid 90s, transition zones, like the Dragon Sea, the Floodlands, and the Frigid River, linked the major cities so that a player can easily speed walk back and forth between Midgaard, New Thalos and Skara Brae.


Scattered around the world are various strongholds, keeps and castles that provide hours of exploration.  Try Aralu, Sieged Castle or Mahn-Tor.  Try to find a way into the Rankan Palace to face Prince Kadathikis and his retinue.  Discover the secrets of the Dwarven Kingdom, the High Tower of Magic past the Haon-Dor Forest, or the power locked away in the Lich's Tower south of Midgaard.


Many of the most challenging areas are vast caverns set underground, filled with swarms of undead or magical creatures bent on your destruction.  Defeat the King of the Troglodyte Caves, the High Priestess in the Goblin Caves or the Archwizard of Moria.