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South of the Miden'Nir and the swamps lies the cemetery. Seemingly inhabited by none but the dead, a dark tower stands here, rumored to have once been the home of a powerful mage. Perhaps this mage still lives... Adventurers daring this dark realm have brought back tales of specters and wraiths, and of horrible, enormous vipers. Beware, all those fearless enough to tread here!

Mobs of Note:Edit

Yamus - (mage pants), Deloria - (amulet of stasis) stone hearth - (Heart of a Star) leeches - (blue, green and yellow blood-filled stomachs) Lord Elgan - (Shroud of Mist, battered brown gloves)

==General Zone Strategies:==

Be careful around the cleared swampway. There is a room full of pit vipers that has claimed many an adventurer. They are aggressive, and triple/quad hit. You are killed so quickly that it appears like you've hit a death trap. The Pit Vipers can be cleared with three or four high WIS earthquaking clerics.

You can enter the large mausoleum in the cemetery with the keywords "enter tomb". To exit the mausoleum, find the coffin and "enter coffin." Beware the aggro wandering armored wraiths.