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Redferne (DikuMUD, as "Mount Moria")


4s7e8nw (from Midgaard Temple)


In the ancient days, before the unification of the great kingdoms, an unknown race of beings began mining adamantite and gold from the hills of Moria. Danger lurks in the darkness of these tunnels...the degenerate and crazed ancestors of the original miners still plague foolhardy young explorers who go in thinking they have nothing to fear. Many an explorer has lost his way, his life, or his possessions by foolishly attempting a foray into this mysterious area without being properly experienced and prepared. A well-assembled group of young adventurers would do well to pay close attention to their bearings in this area, especially as they descend further and further below the mountains.

==Mobs of Note:==

hobgoblin - (purple potion), human warrior - (swordsmen's gloves), intelligent mage - (red jade ring), small mage - (heavy oak staff)

==General Zone Strategies:==

No death traps, but some confusing mazes to occupy your time.

If you find yourself stuck in Moria, don't go down through any holes in the floor!   The lowest level (wet maze) is one way, that is, you can descend into the maze, but not ascend from it. Make sure you bring a recall.

Find your way to the golden caves.  Work your way to the light cave, and then to a series of passages that will take you back to the original hole you descended into.

See Dank's new hand-drawn map for more information.