Name ChangesEdit

Kailyn is the only member of the admin who will perform namechanges,and they are subject to the following restrictions: 
  1. The name must not be currently in use.
  1. Character to be renamed has to be naked and remain that way until next uptime.
  1. Kailyn reserves the right to refuse to assign any name that would be inappropriate (the same kinds of names the game automatically refuses at the creation menu)
Namechange is not capable of adding capital letters in the middle of a name (such as BardSimpson).  Only the first letter of a namechanged character's name will be capitalized. 
The player also has to accept the risk that if something goes wrong, the char might be deleted and be completely unrecoverable.   
Characters who receive name changes must continue to log in under their previous names until the next uptime. 
To request a namechange, send email (not mudmail!) to Kailyn at  Include
  1. the name of the character you want renamed,
  1. the name you would like to have,
  1. the password to the character
  1. and the password to the character which previously had the name you want, (if you deleted the character to free up the name),
  1. acknowledgement that you realize the character will be logged on in your absence and that you accept the risk that the character may be lost. 
Please do NOT create newbies with the name you want, either with or without deleting them! This makes the namechange process much longer and more complicated. Thanks!