Naved Surve

Naved Surve graduated with a baccalaureate degree from Johns Hopkins University in Biological Sciences in the early 1990s. While in his program, he took some computer classes with the legendary Jeremy Elson, and as they became fast friends, contributed to the early development of Circle 2.0 at Stimpy.

You can still find his Naved's postings on the listserv.

"I have often asked myself (and people keep asking me) why I keep going back to Jedi even after I said some not-so-nice things about it.
"I think that what keeps bringing me back is that the players on Jedi are the friendliest, and most social I have seen anywhere. I have been on other muds where people group and kill, but never talk to each other. The fact that people can shoot the breeze here with a playerbase that has grown familiar with itself over the past 4 years is its biggest strength."

- Naved Surve, player review, Mud Connector