Area Designer:Edit

Duke / Conner (of SillyMUD)


6s2e2s11e3n7n (from Midgaard Temple)


Many JediMUD players call New Thalos home. Western Synod of the powerful Thalosian Church, New Thalos is a highly religious city where the plaintive wails of the Muezzin call people to prayer five times a day. New Thalos has the gentility and cosmopolitan feel that many cities lack. It is a grand place, replete with a Temple, guild system, corps of street merchants and shopkeepers, a library, several inns, and a beautifully large town square. Everything an adventurer could need to lead a life of danger and excitement is here. Yet New Thalos has a rugged side because of its proximity to the vast Great Eastern Desert. Nomads occasionally come to the city for supplies, and sand-storm toughened religious crusaders preach the words of foreign and obscure prophets. The city is ruled under the iron fist of the Sultan, Sheik Bismillah ibn Ra Kihr, and his Elite Guards have been known to stamp out heresy and violence as they see it happen. New Thalos is located in the northwest reaches of the Great Eastern Desert. New Thalos is a very interesting hometown, but due to the number of dangers the town presents, it is recommended for more experienced players.

Looking Closely:Edit

If you look closely at the plaque at West's Memorial Fountain, you'll see this:

Best wishes go out to the following people who were major contributors through building, funding, and animating the pool and fountain. Thanks of course goes out to You as well for your usage of the rent command.

​P--punk               Angstrom--stun         Jorak--tackle
Screwball-moon        Bravoman--follow       Celeste--sleep
Azure--hug            Shiro--waits           Boreas--lick
Job--snore            Kingdem--boggle        Pablo--badge
Dobbler--strut        Themyth--tip           Ansel--gratz
Pekaris--hop          Elkor--bonk            Kadea--steal

 In the early 90s, JediMUD had a social contest, of which the abovementioned players contributed the associated popular socials.

Mobs of Note:Edit

Ahmad (stabber), Allah (Wrath of Allah), foreman (fountain pen), Statue of Kailyn (garland of roses), Statue of Austinpowers (Elder Wand)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

New Thalos offers a challenge for PCs of all levels:  from the newbie "Amusement Park" area to the more challenging Temple of the Gods, you will find hours of entertainment.

The Amusement ParkEdit

Several mini-zones ranging in complexity from the shooting Gallery and Bumper Cars at the west end of the Dim Alley to the Hall of Mirrors and the Shop Path at the east end comprise this area.

Shrine of AllahEdit

Find the Statue of Allah (Wrath of Allah) or seek out the Guild Guards along guild row.  The Guild Guards all possess procs related to their guilds, and many area, so beware!

Thalosian DungeonsEdit

An upper level mini-zone that features some of the worst of the riff-raff of New Thalos behind bars. Get the keys from the Prison Guards.  Watch your alignment.  Calm the wandering (hidden) cut-throats and henchmen in the Ahmad Cell Complex.  Blind Ahmad's guards and pick off the guard with Ahmad's key.    Ahmad is aggro, but can be fully debuffed.  


The Chessboard is a great lowbie to mid-level mini-area.  Watch for the aggro black pieces at the north end of the board!  There are treasure rooms below each King.

God StatuesEdit

Name: the statue of Kailyn

Level: 39 Hits: 3559 Mana:   20

Ac:   15 Hitroll:  31 Damroll:   8
You'll find shrines to the current JediMUD Administration here: Despair (eats corpses), Ching (3x hit), Doc, AustinPowers (entropy, toss) and Kailyn (summons).  These mobs don't interact. 
Kailyn's base damroll is 7.  If she loads her garland of red roses, you can determine if it is the good, +1 dam version by casting 'information' on her statue.  If her Damroll attribute is 8, she has loaded the good version of the garland.


fountain pen New Thalos foreman weapon 0 1D1 1 2 1 1
stone, mana New Thalos (Mage Guild) Pablo weapon 7 m! 1D1 1 5 5 2%
coin pouch, small New Thalos (Filthy Unicorn) Fineous Fingers weapon 5 t! 2D2 3 0 2% 2%
pistol, toy b-b gun pellet New Thalos obnoxious child weapon 0 3D2 5 -2 -2
longsword, steel New Thalos Sir Raven 758 weapon 0 !mc 3D4 8 0 20% -20%
Squirtgun New Thalos Poopeye weapon 0 !twparb 6D3 12 4 2 2 best enchant
toy rattle New Thalos Baby Sweet Pea weapon 0 !rent !e 4D6 14 0 -2 2
Wrath of Allah New Thalos Allah 3827 weapon 15 n! 6D4 15 18 3 15
bat, Fred McGriff's New Thalos Statues The Statue of Doc weapon L 15 c! g! 5D5 15 6 3 3
jelsontronix super stabber dagger New Thalos Dungeon Ahmad weapon 20 tsn! 4D7 16 7 4 3
ninja throwing star New Thalos ninja guard missile L 0 !mcwpajrb 24 0
shield, blackened kite New Thalos antipaladin skirmisher shield 0 e! 4 0 enchantable
horse shoe New Thalos blacksmith neck 0 1 1 1 shop item
cape, hooded Gothic New Thalos Curley Greenleaf body L 12 6 1 1 10%
dark blue New Thalos Elvira potion 0 0 0 sense life
off white New Thalos Elvira potion 0 0 0 infravision
bracelet, plastic bead New Thalos flirtatious girl wrist 0 1 1 1
plate, field New Thalos guard body 0 g! 24 0
pearl, black New Thalos Ixitxachitl light 5 0 5 5
vambrace, hallowed bracers New Thalos John the Paladin Shopkeeper hand 8 3 2 1 1
Helmet of Salvation New Thalos John the Paladin Shopkeeper head 7 g! 24 2 1 1
cestus, leather New Thalos male musician hand 10 5 6 5 1
mead, glass of New Thalos Minstrel (7) 500 canteen 0 0 0 1 unit
emerald, consecrated New Thalos monster leech treasure 0 !rent 0 0 avenger
glowing blue New Thalos on ground potion 0 0 0
toy chest New Thalos Peepeye container 0 0 0 200 units/10 wt
boots, mohican New Thalos Poopeye 131 foot 10 !jb !g 0 16 1 15
spinach New Thalos Popeye 126 potion 0 2 1 1 strength
mobility, wand of New Thalos Raistlin wand 0 0 0 3 x remove paralysis
clown shoes New Thalos sad clown foot 5 3 5 -2 7
hat, Micky Mouse ears New Thalos Statue of Ciara head 0 6 2 1 1
kaeliburger New Thalos Wimpy food 0 0 0
mail, banded New Thalos body 0 !mtnrb 21 0
boots, masterwork soft leather New Thalos (Filthy Unicorn) Fineous Fingers foot 0
mask, dark New Thalos (Filthy Unicorn) Fineous Fingers head 6 t! 0 2 2 3%
greaves, blackened bone New Thalos (Filthy Unicorn) Fineous Fingers leg 9 t! 6 2 2 3%
cord wrap, thin New Thalos (Filthy Unicorn) Fineous Fingers wrist 7 t! 2 2 1 1
boots, happy New Thalos (Mage Guild) Pablo foot 7 m! 5 5 5 5%
hood, deep dark New Thalos (Mage Guild) Pablo head 6 m! 8 2 1 1
trousers, pinstriped New Thalos (Mage Guild) Pablo leg 8 m! 20 11 1 10
bracelet, beautiful New Thalos (Mage Guild) Pablo wrist 7 m! 2 2 1 1
boots, army New Thalos (The Whet Stone) Valden foot 6 w! 3 2 1 1
Norman Helm New Thalos (The Whet Stone) Valden head 7 w! 24 2 1 1
picture, laminated New Thalos (The Whet Stone) Valden hold 1 w! 0 0 2% 2%
greves, battle dress New Thalos (The Whet Stone) Valden leg 6 w! 20 1 1 3%
cannon, lower New Thalos (The Whet Stone) Valden wrist 5 w! 3 3 2 1
wings, ebony feathered New Thalos Statues Statue of Arizhel 2686 about 0 0 2 1 1
soleae, golden pair New Thalos Statues Statue of Arizhel 2686 foot 0 !twpanr !take 2 16 1 15 1,000,000
shirt, embroidered fine silk New Thalos Statues Statue of Ching 2779 body 5 36 3 2 1
beltpack, museum of gods New Thalos Statues Statue of Ching 2779 waist 0 0 0 5%
guitar, green with fuzzy strap New Thalos Statues Statue of Cosmo instrument L 20 !n 0 2 2 5%
Eye, Dragon's New Thalos Statues Statue of Cosmo light 20 !n 0 -15 -15 perma detect align/perma detect invis
shirt, tattered grey New Thalos Statues Statue of Ego body L 15 !twnrb !n 15 -2 -2 5%
goblet, silver New Thalos Statues Statue of Kailyn 3609 canteen 0 0 0 4 units
*garland of roses New Thalos Statues Statue of Kailyn 3609 head 0 2 8 1 7
garland of deep red roses New Thalos Statues Statue of Kailyn 3609 head L 0 2 -19 1 -20 7 dam/8 dam
cross, celtic New Thalos Statues Statue of Kailyn 3609 neck 0 !e 3 10 10 2%
Elder Wand New Thalos Statues Statue of Austinpowers wand


0 0 0 Deathly Hallows 3 x word of death
armlets, artificer New Thalos Statues Statue of Tam arm 0 !mtnjsrb 6 2 1 1
museum souvenir beltpack New Thalos Statues The Statue of Ching container 0 0 0 5% 200 units