<|   JediMUD Version 6.0      |>
<|         News               |>
<| Last Reported On: 5/1/2020 |>
<|      By: Austinpowers      |>
   Things to come! Upgrade of code version from tbamud-2019 to
   tbamud-2020. Many memory leaks to be fixed. We have enabled
   DMALLOC lib switch on code generation and now can see where
   we have mem leaks. Upgrade of player version from 2 to 3. We
   have updated spells to reflect tbamud numbering system and feats. 
   We have increased our storage from 2^16 -1 to 2^31 -1. All
   players will be updated so NOWHERE will reflect correct
   value. (Crash bug in some cases currently.)

   *** FEATS will be introduced. It will give players - Races/classes
   additional abilities/capabilities to improve characters. (This will
   be introduced after initial code upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1).

   Several bug fixes to dg_scripting engine. Several bug fixes to OLC.
   GCC compiler warnings to be eradicated in this release. The world
   object/rooms/mobiles/plr_index/players/rent will all be upgraded to 
   use flag storage to match tbamud. Future upgrades will not require me
   to convert them before adding. (AKA flags are stored as "ABCD...Zabcdef"
   and will now be "abcdef...zABCDEF". All original world database converters
   will be removed and now be only the original tbamud version or our
   current version and we can now seamlessly add new zones from TBAMUD
   and it will convert on the fly and save. Assembly edit/spell editor
   for OLC will be added. Now the game can add these on the fly (may come 
   after inital upgrad with FEATS). Groups will be converted to TBAMUD
   version, it is much easier on the code, but our enhancements will be

   PLEASE REMEMBER to use DNS (jedimud.net/Jedimud.com) and not its IP. 
   Though we have NO intention to move us again or change the IP, we
   cannot control all the external forces. Email remains the same.
   Please see "help admin email" for further information.

   As a reminder, the game is paid for and supported by the JediMUD
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