From a MUD Connector interview of ? James T. Westbrook (aka Nexus) in 1995:

Why do I keep coming back to Jedi? Let me count the ways:

  1. Free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches loaded by Onivel himself.
  2. Ex-roomie and best friend a high imm.
  3. First MUD I ever played.
  4. All the people in my old dorm MUD on Jedi.
  5. Peeping at the arresting officer is bad.
  6. Rommie loads everybody a free beer if you break 1M coins.
  7. Great fun questing as a tree resting in the dump.
  8. Zapfreeze and Zapthaw. 'Nough said.
  9. Those damn, pesky bards.
  10. Great socials.
  11. Empty *ALL* of the fountains using a Holy Grail and listening to the imms complain about who's using massive tintin aliases to empty the fountains. *8)
  12. Those late night quests that make you stay up 3 days straight to finish that term paper you were writing.
  13. Logging in to see if DW got his drawer in the freezer back. *8)
  14. Only MUD where PAWs and PALs refuse to leave even though they hate it so bad.
  15. The bad get badder and the mages get tweaked.
  16. Aliases!
  17. Gargoyle statue in Enfan City munching newbies.
  18. I'm a DT and I'm OK.
  19. High Cliff.
  20. Running around as a level 20 mage that's butt naked and nuking at random.