The northern plains


Directly North of Midgaard. Careful not to fall off of the cliff.

Area WriterEdit

Raven (Curious Areas Workshop )


The rolling plains north of Midgaard extend as far north and west as the 
extreme southern boundary of the range of mountains that becomes the 
Darkspine Mountains.  Home to none but a very few hardy druids and 
hermits, a traveler doesn't reach civilization again until the tiny 
village known as Ofcol, a protectorate of the realm of King Welmar.  
Adventurers beware: while the citizens are not actively hostile, they are 
suspicious of strangers and don't appreciate "outsiders" sticking their 
noses into the citizens' private business.  Also of note near the village 
is what appears to be an ancient formation of ruins known by locals as 
The Stones of G'Harne.  There is  talk of a mystical cave beneath the 
ruins wherein an ancient creature dwells, but how one reaches this a mystery.

General Zone Strategy:Edit

This area contains a short quest which when completed will grant access to Shudde M'ell's Lair. 
Get the dark red jar from Sorbus in his hut.  Track Aruncus and obtain the ivy and 'jhyfrdow' scroll. Walk to the stones of G'harne and drop the jar and ivy.  Read the scroll.  You'll be transported into the worm lair.
Once you have visited the worm, return to the surface and junk the empty jar.  The jar is maxload 1 and will block subsequent loads.

Looking Carefully:Edit

Immediately north of Midgaard's northern gate, is Gallows Hill, where you can find this sign inscription:

The sign says:
  Loyal citizens of Midgaard. These are the earthly remains of the

  two heretics 'Dim' and 'Gamma' of this world. Having forged them-

  selves to immortality, they called upon themselves the anger of the

  implementors. Let this be a lesson to all .....

                                    -- the Powers that Be.

Equipment of Note:Edit

Mob of Note:Edit

Shudde M'ell (woolen sleeves), Brythnoth (Armor of the Dragon)