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12n3e4n (from Midgaard Temple)Edit


The rolling plains north of Midgaard extend as far north and west as the extreme southern boundary of the range of mountains that becomes the Darkspine Mountains. Home to none but a very few hardy druids and hermits, a traveler doesn't reach civilization again until the tiny village known as Ofcol, a protectorate of the realm of King Welmar. Adventurers beware: while the citizens are not actively hostile, they are suspicious of strangers and don't appreciate "outsiders" sticking their noses into the citizens' private business. Also of note near the village is what appears to be an ancient formation of ruins known by locals as The Stones of G'Harne. There is talk of a mystical cave beneath the ruins wherein an ancient creature dwells, but how one reaches this a mystery.

Mobs of Note:Edit

Byrthnoth - (Armor of the Dragon), Aruncus - (strange amulet, jhyfrdow scroll, druish staff, dusk of poison ivy), Sorbus - (dark red jar), Shudde M'ell - (woolen sleeves, strange template, clear potion)

General Zone Strategies:Edit

To enter the altar at the Stones of G' Harne, drop the poison ivy, the dark red jar and read (do not recite) the jhyfrdow scroll. The clues for this solution to the entrance puzzle sequence are depicted on the scroll.
Make sure you junk the jar after you exit the Stone of G' Harne. Empty jars block full jars from loading.
Beware the death traps hidden in the High Cliffs just to the northeast and northwest of the Midgaard northern gate. An enigmatic gallows holds the bodies of two PCs in effigy:
The sign says: Loyal citizens of Midgaard. These are the earthly remains of the two heretics 'Dim' and 'Gamma' of this world. Having forged them- selves to immortality, they called upon themselves the anger of the implementors. Let this be a lesson to all ..... -- the Powers that Be.