As with any MUD, we run into many very complex issues on this game. Because of the variety of issues that we encounter which involve disciplinary measures, we have decided to include an all-encompassing "other" entry into our policy list. 


Basically this entry was placed to allow us to state that there are a lot of things that happen here that are not strictly defined by the rules. Should something happen here that is not clearly defined in our policies, an immortal will be called upon to make a decision regarding the situation, and that immortal's decision is binding. Not breaking rules here is fairly easy; if you try not to be a jerk, you probably won't be breaking rules. End of story. This policy is also instituted to cover situations wherein players who wish to hurt others deliberately seek out borderline-legal means of accomplishing generally illegal results.  Examples include summoning people who ask for a summon to aggressive mobs in order to PK them, deliberately following a group around in order to kill mobs which flee from them, taking a group to a fido mob and getting them killed, then taking their equipment after they die and their corpses are eaten, and other such areas.


We back up all of our imms in their disciplinary decisions.  Our immortals have been promoted to their current positions based on their sound judgment and  decision-making ability.  Basically, whatever a GOD of JediMUD says, goes.  If, by chance, you disagree with the decision of our immortals regarding a disciplinary procedure, feel free to mail a higher level immortal for a review of your circumstances.  We will evaluate your problem and discuss it with the immortal in question  and reach a decision.  Decisions made by a policy review on the part of a CIMP+ will always be final. Please see 'policy appeal' for more details. 
This policy will cover deliberate and willful acts to hurt others enjoyment of the game through means which are covered under current policy and generally deemed legal for accidental or self-policing cases, and in some cases legal due to inability to effectively garner facts; in other words, when a players actions are nominally legal but appear to flout the spirit of the law. Cases will be dealt with individually, and can be appealed normally, up to the CIMP level. 
Note that the latter role of this policy is covered under a broader category: policy harassment.  People who wish to abuse the rules to harm others are not the sort we care to have here on JediMUD, and while other policies may seem to condone this behavior, repeated or deliberate attempts to abuse them can (and will) be considered harassment and dealt with as such. 'Do unto others' is not followed by 'before they do unto you'.