Pairs GauntletsEdit

The pairs gauntlet is a 'no canned magic' quest.  You can have have any magical spells on you before you start, but you cannot bring any canned magical items into the quest area (even a recall scroll.) Pets cannot be called nor used in the pairs gauntlet.  You are a team of two players, and you have to kill everything in your gauntlet hall to win, not just get the key and continue. The team can still win if one of them lives, and kills all of the mobiles in their hall.  If you die, you can get your corpse but may no longer help your teammate.  However, if your teammate manages to kill all of the rest of the mobs, and get into the start/end room before the other pairs, you both get a win credit. If you have any questions regarding the Gauntlet quests, please mudmail them to Ching.