Directions: Edit

South across the Great Inland Sea from the Wandering ship.

d*s*s*e*e*e*se*se*se  (from Punketah's ship deck)


Scholars and diplomats of all the lands travel to the lighthouse of Wealtheo, leader of the wise owls.  They praise the learning and skill of these feathered champions of light who are ever-watchful for trouble at sea and in the hearts of men.  Those who have returned from the lighthouse speak of the hospitality of the owls, but hint that there is a darkness in the place that made them glad to return home. Only players under level 20 may enter the Owlery. 

Mobs of Note:Edit

barred owls (they guard proc: assisting the mob or PC in the room with the highest alignment) block room exits, on the third floor of the lighthouse, you'll find some special mobs:  Cornelia and the Statue of Nike (both hold keys) are !phys damage, while Greyfeather and Kellius are super low AC and big hp.  The Statue has cleric procs and will use them liberally.  The Mad Alchemist (key) in the basement can toss.  Fizjeky, Mizraith's son (mystical netting), Hercumander (the dragon) and Mentor (a centaur) are easily defeated by a W.  If you don't have canned offensive magic to bring to the party, you can use secondary fighting skills (like bash, pound, kick) to defeat the !phys mobs. 

General Zone Strategies:Edit

This is a maxlev 20 area.
The best way to run it is with a mid-lev group with good spell casting support.  If you're planning to run it 2xmulti, however, plan to use a hefty <W20 with good eq and hp.  Keep a C18+ outside combat for quick summons and re-buffs and re-glows.  Make the magical script copy book Alhandril (found in the Elven Village Quest)  and buy plenty of parchment to make fireball scrolls. (Grab the fountain pen off of the foreman in New Thalos, and find parchment in the High Tower).  The Statue of Nike typically requires six fireball scrolls.
The barred owl guardians (banzai! and memory proc) will attack the most evil mobs in the room upon assist.  If you are a good aligned character, you can clear the barred owls in the central stairwell.
Because this zone is a "maxlev" (only characters up to level 20 can enter), the equipment is only useful for a short window of experience, between levels 15 and 19.  This is widely known as "nerfing" where a weapon is basically useless overall.  
The trouble necessary to acquire these owlery weapons and armor is really not worth the life of the equipment in the long run.


armlets, golden owl Parliament of Owls Grey Feather arm -20 !mcj !g 9 2 1 1
rat, tiny dead Parliament of Owls owl food 0 0 0
turban, sandy silk Parliament of Owls pilgrim head 0 4 0 -3
candle, burning at both ends Parliament of Owls Cornellia light 6 !mcjs 0 0 2%
light of love and wisdom Parliament of Owls Kellius light -20 !twa !e 0 0 5%
war lantern Parliament of Owls red sash light 3 0 0
torch of New Thalos Parliament of Owls sultan's guard light 8 0 0
grey feather, owl Parliament of Owls barred owl guardian neck 12 !mcpb !g 6 0
feathers, stealth Parliament of Owls Grey Feather neck -20 !mcpjsrb !g 4 2 1 1
tick Parliament of Owls Ramlet neck -20 !g 5 1 1
victory, fruit of Parliament of Owls Nike Statue potion 0 0 0 1 x heal
jug dark white fluid Parliament of Owls owlet potion 0 0 0 2 x rejuvenate, waterwalk
slime Parliament of Owls owlet potion 0 0 0 2 x cure serious, remove poison
ring, black owl Parliament of Owls barred guardian owl ring 5 !mcwparb 4 0
list of words Parliament of Owls owl scroll 10 !rent 0 0 2 x monsum one
musings of wealtheo Parliament of Owls owl scroll 0 0 0 sanctuary, 2 x teleport
pendant, owl Parliament of Owls owl treasure -20 0 0 -1 1
Ontological Musings of Wealtheo Parliament of Owls Wealtheo treasure 0 0 0
Item of Terrible Power Parliament of Owls owl wand 10 0 0 5 x sense life 20maxL
claws, owl Parliament of Owls barred owl guardian weapon 8 !mcpajsb 6D2 9 -2 1 -3
netting, mystical silk Parliament of Owls Fizjeky weapon -20 !ctwn 1D1 1 -8 -4 -4
gavel of office Parliament of Owls parliamentarian weapon -20 4D4 10 2 1 1
pitchfork, devilish Parliament of Owls Xyzzy weapon 0 !g 5D3 10 -1 1 -2
Ygolohcysp, Sword of Diplomacy Parliament of Owls Xyzzy weapon 13 4D4 10 -1 -2 1


Parliament of Owls

Here is the third floor of the Parliament of Owls Lighthouse. Dank, c 2017 Google Drawings.


Dank's map of the Parliament of Owls.