Passwords Edit

Your password is your way of controlling access to your character.  Choose one that won't be easily guessed, and keep it in your head, not written down or saved on a computer that others have access to -- security of your password is your responsibility!  Sharing your password, either directly or by saving it somewhere where someone else might access it, is taking a risk that someone may access your character.  If you choose to take that risk, YOU are responsible for the consequences that may follow. The administration is not responsible for the loss of any characters, equipment, or gold that may result from shared passwords. If you forget your character's password, email us at  with detailed information about the character to prove that it's yours. Include the character's name, class, and level, and then whatever otherinformation you can recall that might be helpful -- your current title, gold or eq in your possession, stats, etc.  Once we've verified your ownership of the character, we'll email you back with your password.