Midgaard (Cleric Guild)Edit


long swordEdit


Before you sits an 8 foot tall monstrosity. His long, straight hair drapes down over his dark skin and his deep red eyes glare at you menacingly. As you walk through the doorway, a slight grin cracks on his face. He stands up, revealing a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, a Terrible Towel wrapped around his arm, and a large belt buckle with a panther on it. From behind his chair, he presents a baseball bat with a small picture of a pirate on it. Resting the bat on his shoulder, he steps directly in front of you and peers downward. He jerks his head to the side, causing his long mane to flow behind his shoulders and says, "Coming in to drink?" He takes a sip of his Long Island Iced Tea and sizes you up. "On second thought, you might just want to continue into the guild. You don't really look like you can handle Midgaard's finest." He chuckles at you and points to a door that says, "Newbies here." "Come back when you've been around for a while."