Within the Cave You have come to the rear of a bizarre natural crevice in the cliff-face that runs along the Fenshire River. The cavern widens dramatically, and, just out of sight of the entrance, is well sheltered and hidden from the outside world.
The prophet for whom you have been waiting turns to you with a smile. ...Prosper glows with a bright light!
You have heard that a prophet is sent to all lands, for all peoples, and you know that this land is as deserving as any. Before you stands Prosper, the one to bring your deliverance.






Level: 34 Hits: 1919 Mana: 10 Ac: -7 Hitroll 26 Damroll 7



Prosper turns towards you and begins his recitation:

Admonish the heretics and misbelievers who claim that this world was Invented of late by the race of man. Surely it is they that will be Locked out when the gates begin to close! Say: this world, this heavenly Space has existed for all time. It is only now through the grace of God that we have been shown the lock and given the key. Admonish the late-comers, and those who doubt, and chastise them when They say: surely man is all powerful. Why would the creator hesitate to Share this, the best of all things? Say: this is the last, and the fullest, Of the revelations. It contains the final proof, and the beginning of The crossing over. You would credit this to man, who only now has begun to see? This place is eternal, everlasting, and yet they say it exists at the Whim of mortals. Then surely they will have nothing to fear when the Gates close and the bridge begins to burn. On that day, let them try to build it again!