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PyramidInfo Pyramid: Caryatid have Key - Sphinx has key – Djinn will require recall - Ramses needs scarab to unlock coffin - Rough Diamond (invis / on group) = Key

Temple2Pyramid s*s*s*s*s*s*e*e*s*s*e*e*e*e*e*e*e*e*e*e*e*e*n*u*n*u*s*e*u*open d*d*d*e*e*e*e*n*open d*d*open n*n

Caryatid2Sphinx s*open u*u*s*s*w*open d*d*s*s*s*e*n*s*w*s*s

Caryatid2Scarab s*open u*u*s*w*u*u*w*n*w*w*s

Scarab2Ramses n*e*e*s*s*s*s*w*unlock w*open w*w*d*d*open s*s*s*open d*d

Ramses2Sphinx u*n*n*u*u*e*e*e*e*e*open d*d*s*s*s*e*n*s*w*s*s*GS Sphinx Has Key To Down Treasure

Sphinx2Scarab n*e*n*w*n*n*u*w*w*w*n*n*n*n*w*w*s

Sphinx2Jinn n*e*n*w*n*n*u*w*w*w*n*n*n*n*w*w*d*s*d*d*unlock s*s*GS You Have To Recall No Path Back Out From Here